The Veteran Mom

Having young kids, I’ve always looked up to those who are a step or two ahead of me in parenthood. I feel comforted (or terrified) knowing what stages are next for our kids; I guess I’m a planner. In the infancy stage, I eagerly watched friends’ older babies eat solids, walk, and begin to talk and […]

I Have No Idea How You Do it With Three

A mom friend recently confided in me about her struggles in becoming a new mom. We talked about how the time for herself has diminished and how the constant care for her new baby is exhausting. And then she went on to comment, “I have no idea how you do it with three.” And right […]

Operation: No More Yelling

A couple months ago I came across this quote floating around on Pinterest. I rarely read any quotes while on Pinterest but not only did this one catch my eye, it hit me pretty hard. Hard enough that I read it over and over. Saved it to  my Pinterest board. Took a picture of it. […]