Cal’s 3rd Super-hero Birthday Party

Our Cal turned three a couple of weeks ago and he had a little super hero party with his buddies. I wanted to keep costs down, but still allow for him to have his family and friends around him to celebrate his special day in a way that he would enjoy. Below are the details! […]

Menu Planning Monday #10

Welcome to another week of planned-out meals! Here you will find our weekly menu along with the shopping list so that you don’t have to worry about it! I started doing this so that if I forgot my shopping list at home it can easily be accessed from my phone and so that I am […]

A Special Little Treasure Hunt

We’ve been visiting my parents the last few weeks and while here they’ve done some pretty fun things with the kiddos, including this very thought-out and adorable treasure hunt. All areas of my parents’ back and front yard.   The treasure map magically showed up  in the mailbox one morning… And from there the kiddos […]

A Stripper or a Drunk- Andi, Pick Your Husband! – Bachelorette Recap 2

We start this episode with Chris Harrison giving out the first one-on-one date card. As the camera is being flashed from man to man as they wait in anticipation, I notice one of the guys has a black eye. What is happening behind the scenes that isn’t being shown?! 24 hour footage, here, People! Eric […]

Happy 4th birthday, Sweet Gwyneth! – Reminiscing and tears. Happy tears.

Four years ago, (It was Mother’s Day!)  I received the most wonderful gift I could have ever imagined. Our daughter. I still cry every time I watch that video. That little girl made me a Mommy, and I will forever be grateful for that. Now, four years later, she is one funny, compassionate and intelligent […]

White dresses, floppy ears, rays of shine. Oh my! – A photoshoot with Mica Sansaver

Every now and then I warn you before a post that you are about to experience cuteness overload. Today is one of those days. I will prepare you by letting you know that you are about to see a little girl in a white dress snuggling bunnies. I know. It’s almost too much. Go ahead […]

An update on our baby dilemma…

Sooo, I feel a little bit bad about the title of this post. I know some of you were thinking I was going to announce a pregnancy after I first wrote about our dilemma here, but no. I am not. No pregnancies over here. I also can’t say that we have come to the conclusion […]

And we’re off!- On our second annual girl’s weekend getaway trip. Holla!

A little over a year ago my best pal and I took a girl’s weekend trip to Seattle and it was FAN-TAS-TIC.  Just the time to solely be responsible for ourselves was rejuvenating and we just had the best time. No working around nap times, no feeding schedules and no one needing a single thing […]

What We Wore

Welcome to another What We Wore Wednesday! Once I became a mom it became a little more difficult for me to get “dressed” each day. The easy, most comfortable outfit is the staple yoga pant and t-shirt combo, which I still frequent often, but after a while of feeling sluggish and “blah” I decided to […]

What We Wore

Welcome to What We Wore Wednesday! This week was filled with Christmas activities and family time, so besides getting dressed up (as in more than yoga pants) a few times, we spent the majority of the time in our comfies! We did manage to snap a few photos once during the holidays and on New […]