Those Magic Necklaces…

I don’t remember those magic necklaces being a “thing” when Gwyneth was a baby, but I do remember them when Cal was. I noticed these necklaces on baby girls AND baby boys, and once I learned what they were, all I could do was roll my eyes. A necklace helping with teething pain? MMmk. Moving […]

My Five Minute On-the-Go Hair

In high school I used to wash, dry, and curl my hair every. single. day. Flat irons weren’t a thing yet (does that date me?) and with a bit of a natural wave to my hair, if I let it dry naturally it was quite the poof of not-so-goodness. And if I just blow-dried it […]

Our Family Game Night Favorites

Now that our older two are able to play the same games, we have been really enjoying playing games together, especially on the weekends when bed time can be a little more flexible. Below are our favorites! The game we play the most often is matching, and we are amazed at how well our three-year-old […]

The Search for the Perfect Couches

We recently went on a hunt for new couches for our living room. And I am happy to say that we have found “the ones,” but it wasn’t an easy process. So, I thought I would save you some work if you happen to be in the market. We had our previous couches for ten […]

On Being Married to a Techie

I learned early on in our relationship that my guy is a techie. He LOVES all sorts of technology and this became quite apparent when he built a quadcopter before quadcopters were a thing. He also did this while preparing his dissertation proposal that was due in a few days…You know, just a little side […]

Don’t Worry, Sweet Third Baby, I haven’t Forgotten About You- Giveaway

With this being our third and final baby, this means it is my third and final pregnancy. Never again will I go through something I had been waiting so many years to experience. (Insert ugly cry face.) With my first two pregnancies, I kept a pregnancy journal. I wanted to be able to look back […]

Choosing Baby Announcements and a Giveaway from Minted

I am now entering my second trimester which means things are starting to feel more real and are looking up! The nausea has subsided, I am gaining more energy back and I am showing! All exciting stuff! Because we aren’t finding out the gender of our baby (pretty torturous!) there is only so much I […]

Vtech Innotab Learning Cartridges Review

Since we have had the Vtech Innotab 3 Learning Tablet the primary participant in our house has been Miss Gwyn. She is able to navigate around that thing with ease and enjoys most of the activities it includes. So when Vtech sent our family three new cartridges to try out I was hoping Cal would […]

Gwyn’s Bedroom Furniture Makeover with Heirloom Traditions Paint

Now that Gwyn is out of the baby phase she was due for a bedroom makeover. About a year ago we got Gwyn a french provincial bedroom set at a great price from Craigslist  but I knew that it needed new paint. The walls of her bedroom are a light cream color and the furniture […]

A Little Savior when in Need- The Vtech InnoTab 3 Plus Review and Giveaway

As you all know we recently moved. And we were a part of a big, fabulous wedding. And we endured The Kindergarten Camp-out. It’s no surprise when I tell you things have been a little crazy over here. Packing up our home and living out of boxes for a month left us living minimally, which […]