Painting our Brick Home White- Behind the Scenes

Happy Thursday, buddies! As I mentioned last week, we are painting our house! In case you missed it, we are changing the color of our home from red brick, yellow siding, and burgundy shutters, to all white with black shutters! It is a HUGE change! I walked through the process of how we chose our […]

10 Perfect White Exterior Paint Colors

Hello, friends! I am here today to talk about white paint options when painting the exterior of your home! Because… we are painting the exterior of our home! And the real kicker here is that a good portion of our exterior is brick, and while I know this can be quite the controversial topic as not […]

My Top Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Today is day 1 of Nordstrom’s annual Anniversary Sale where hundreds of items go on sale for the Fall season. I know it’s a little hard thinking about Fall weather when it’s 90 degrees outside, but the price drop in some of Nordstrom’s top items are worth the early shopping! All last week, Nordstrom cardholders were […]

Happy Amazon Prime Day!

Hi friends! I woke up this morning realizing it is Amazon Prime Day (running through tomorrow, too) and thought I would round up some of the best deals running on the items we either currently have and love, or items on our wish list. I will also be adding new items as I see them, […]

My Farm Chicks Finds 2018

Ahhh. Friends! It was another successful and amazing couple of days at The Farm Chicks this past weekend, and as promised, I am here to show you the haul! This year was extra special to me because it was my daughter’s first time going to the show and I am so very pleased with how […]

Farm Chicks 2018 is COMING! And My Favorites From Years Past

My absolute favorite shopping weekend of the ENTIRE YEAR is happening this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited! The event is called The Farm Chicks and it happens in Spokane, WA every year during the first weekend in June. The Farm Chicks is a vintage and handmade fair where hundreds of vendors from all over […]

An Unforgettable Family Night out with Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘Crystal’

As our kids get older, their interests become more apparent and it’s really quite fun seeing what each of them are into. Some of these interests stay for only a short time, but some stay for the long-haul and it’s intriguing to see which ones fall into which category. For our daughter, ice skating and […]

The 25+ Best Tips That Made Our Legoland Trip a Success

We recently got back from a fantastic trip to San Diego (you can read all about our tips HERE) and one of the highlights for our kiddos (and actually, for us parents, too) was our time at Legoland! I really didn’t know what to expect from this place as I hadn’t heard of many of our […]

Putting Myself Higher on the Self-Care Totem Pole

Since becoming a mom, the time for self-care has diminished quite a bit. I just simply don’t have the time like I did in high school and college to… maintain. As in, I used to shave my legs and wash AND curl my hair every. single. day. EVERY DAY! The thought of that now is insane. […]

My Top 5 Favorite Home Essentials

Maintaining the inside of our home is primarily my job and it is something I take pride in. That being said, is it always perfectly clean? No. Is it always tidy? Definitely not. But, I do try! And these things below either make my job SO much easier or bring me joy, thus making the […]