The Do’s and Don’ts of Babysitting

Finding a good babysitter these days is not as easy as you would think.  Most of these things seem like common knowledge, but after talking with some friends about their babysitting experiences, along with our own, we have come to the conclusion that no,  some things need a little more explanation. Below is a compilation […]

I Still Carry Them

  I still carry all three of our kiddos. Gwyn is nearly 6.5, Cal is 4.5, and Franklin is almost 11 months. And all three of them still ask (through words or grunting) to be picked up and held. And I oblige. At the end of the school year last year Gwyn was still running […]

Get in Front of That Camera, Mama! (in this great mini session )

The weather is cooling off, the leaves are starting to turn and the pumpkin spice lattes are out in abundance, and to me these are the first signs that we are now moving into the holidays. And with the holidays come our annual family photos, some of which we always use for our Christmas card. […]

Brought to Tears By My Singing… (you could say…)

I’ve never done a Throwback Thursday, but recently came across a video I took a few years ago and couldn’t stop giggling. So, I’m throwin’ it back to a few years ago! Do you remember the original video of the baby brought to tears by her mother’s beautiful singing? It truly is a sight to […]

Diaper Changing Made Simpler Thanks to Snoofybee

Now that Franklin is getting a little older, things are getting easier. He is able to entertain himself by playing with toys, he enjoys being mobile and he is feeding himself as well. We’ve gotten things (for the most part) figured out with this little babe, except for when it comes to changing his diaper. […]

Shopping Local with Charli Iris (discount code!) for Gwyn’s First Day of First Grade

Our Sweet Gwyn started the first grade this week, and boy did I have mixed feelings about this day! In our district, Kindergarten is still half-day, so this year marks our first of being in school full-day. While I am pumped for our little girl to be experiencing new and exciting things, it also makes […]

Baby-proofing (or Pet-proofing!) With Style

Now that Franklin is mobile, we are having to baby proof the house. Our older two were no longer in need of baby-proofing items at our new house when we moved in, so as it stood, this place was a danger zone. I quickly covered the outlets, bought materials to baby-proof the fireplace and cabinets, […]

My Newest Obsession- The Bentgo Box

 About a month ago I ordered these Bentgo Boxes for the kids and I am obsessed. I normally make the kids’ lunches the evening before on a plate and cover it in saran wrap. The problems I encountered with doing this were that the big plates took up a lot of room in the fridge, sometimes the […]

How to Unclog a Drain Like a Boss

A little while ago my husband had to leave town for a week for work, and this mama was flying solo with the three kiddos. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t dreading his departure because it would be my first time alone with three for that long. But, to get through the week, […]

Franklin’s Rustic Woodland Nursery

We didn’t find out the gender of our baby (it’s a boy!) which meant I wasn’t able to do anything for his room ahead of time. I could have done a more gender neutral theme, but I really wanted two separate looks depending on what we had, so I waited. And finally, after about six […]