An Unforgettable Family Night out with Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘Crystal’

As our kids get older, their interests become more apparent and it’s really quite fun seeing what each of them are into. Some of these interests stay for only a short time, but some stay for the long-haul and it’s intriguing to see which ones fall into which category. For our daughter, ice skating and […]

The 25+ Best Tips That Made Our Legoland Trip a Success

We recently got back from a fantastic trip to San Diego (you can read all about our tips HERE) and one of the highlights for our kiddos (and actually, for us parents, too) was our time at Legoland! I really didn’t know what to expect from this place as I hadn’t heard of many of our […]

Putting Myself Higher on the Self-Care Totem Pole

Since becoming a mom, the time for self-care has diminished quite a bit. I just simply don’t have the time like I did in high school and college to… maintain. As in, I used to shave my legs and wash AND curl my hair every. single. day. EVERY DAY! The thought of that now is insane. […]

My Top 5 Favorite Home Essentials

Maintaining the inside of our home is primarily my job and it is something I take pride in. That being said, is it always perfectly clean? No. Is it always tidy? Definitely not. But, I do try! And these things below either make my job SO much easier or bring me joy, thus making the […]

Luxe for Life

Since becoming a mom, taking care of myself has taken a little bit of a back seat; understandably. I just don’t have the time/energy at the moment to do some of the things that I used to do when it was only myself that I needed to care for. It was only a handful of […]

In My Shopping Bag

Hello, and happy New Year! If you were given any gift cards or spending money this past holiday season and aren’t quite sure what to do with it, I’ve got a few ideas for you! Ha! Okay. These have been on MY wishlist and because my birthday and Christmas fall within two weeks of each […]

The Top 10 Posts of 2017

HOW is 2017 over?! Are we really just about past the holiday season? CRAZY! Being the last day of 2017, I thought I would round up this year’s best.  It was really fun going back and seeing which posts you all enjoyed the most. Some were expected, and some were not! In descending order… 10 (Just […]


Today, I am 33! And while the majority of the day is pretty normal with school and daily routines, I did get to celebrate this past weekend and had a wonderful time! Plus, I get to go out with my sweet man tonight as well. I went to dinner on Friday night with some of […]

Our New Christmas Cruise Tradition

There are so many wonderful things about the holidays, but one of my absolute favorite things is carrying on traditions, both old and new. Last year we took the Journey to the North Pole Cruise on Lake Coeur d’ Alene and it’s no surprise this experience made it onto our “must do” list again this […]

Cyber Monday Sales 2017

I pretty much try and wait to start my Christmas shopping for this day, and it has finally arrived! I have compiled a list of stores advertising the best Cyber Monday deals and have included any codes needed for those sites. Just click on the store name to start shopping! American Eagle– 40% off + free […]