The Great New Years Eve Nilla Races

I have never been one to get super excited about New Years Eve. Especially in pertaining to going out. Long lines, higher prices and fixed menus just isn’t my cup of tea. But, since we were staying with some of our best friends for the holiday, I left it up to them to decide how […]

First Annual Holiday Scarf Exchange

Last week I hosted the first annual Holiday Scarf Exchange at our house and it was a blast! Our home was filled with sweets, drinks and a wonderful group of women sharing wonderful conversation and laughter. Below are some of the details I managed to capture before and after the event.  (Let’s pretend that Noel banner […]

The Guncles Got Married

Recently, The Guncles got married. And it was fabulous. From the plum and charcoal to the Spanish flair, this wedding was carefully thought out leaving guests wondering what is next and wanting more.     Cal was one of the ring bearers and these pictures depict what happened pretty well. And he’s gone!   And […]

A Graduation Party for the Older Grad

As I have shared, The Hubby graduated recently with his PhD in finance and we are all just so proud of the guy. So proud, in fact, that one of The Hubby’s best friends wanted to throw him a party for he and all the ol’ buddies back home while we are in town visiting […]

Gwyn’s Pink and Gold Princess Party Has Been Featured!

As someone who thoroughly enjoys party planning, I am SO excited to share that Kara’s Party Ideas, which is one of the top party idea/planning websites,  has featured Gwyn’s Pink and Gold Princess party! And I am beyond thrilled about this!   To see the entire feature, click HERE! SQUEEE!!! That is all! I am going […]

The Hubby Graduated! And We Partied.

I mentioned before that The Hubby graduated the same day as Gwyn’s fourth birthday. It was a BUSY but incredibly fun and emotional day! You can see Gwyn’s party here and here, and as soon as that was done we wrapped up the food, left everything else and then booked it down to Pullman, changed […]

Gwyn’s Pink and Gold Princess Party- Part 2

If you missed Part 1- the decor and food from the party, click here. Today is all about the guests, the fun, and the entertainment. And oh my word, the entertainment was SUCH a hit. SUCH a hit! Yeah, I just repeated myself. Because I am that excited. We begin with Gwyn seeing her party […]

Gwyn’s Pink and Gold Princess Birthday Party- Part 1

Gwyn’s Pink and Gold Princess 4th birthday party was nothing short of magical. Her favorite color being pink and her love for sparkle and shine created the color combo for this princess party and while I tried keeping the decor sophisticated, I still wanted the party to be fun for the little ones. Gwyn was one […]

How to plan the perfect kids pool party- Guest Post by An Apple Per Day

Hi everyone, my name is Kaitlin Gardner, and I’m delighted to be guest blogging here at Lady’s Little Loves! My own blog is lovingly named because I believe in simple healthy steps in life – eating an apple a day really works! I’ve been doing it for 4 years, and go to the doctor […]

Come one, come all to the Party Enchantments Royal Summer Coronation featuring Elsa and Anna!

  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for this event. Gwyn and Cal are both  Frozen fans right now and this whole event just sounds so magically amazing! I mean, Elsa, Anna, Cinderella, Belle, Tinker Bell, Ariel AND Snow White ALL in one place to take as many pictures as […]