Super Bowl 2017 Eats, Apps and Snacks

I admit it. At the beginning of the week, I didn’t even realize the Super Bowl was this Sunday. And while I am not really interested in the game itself, I do enjoy the camaraderie and food served on this particular day. And actually, I couldn’t even tell you who was playing! But, that’s not […]

Best in Show Decorated House Award Tradition (and Free Printable)

One of my favorite holiday traditions is getting into our jammies, sipping hot cocoa and driving around looking at decorated houses and Christmas lights. Well, a while back my friend, Kristen shared how her family created an award to give to their favorite decorated house, and I just LOVED this idea and we have done […]


I recently turned thirty-two, and it started out a little bit rocky. The day began with a nice birthday wake-up by my babe, Frankie, at about 11:30 pm.  And then I guess he just really missed me and wanted to make sure he was the first one to really wish me a happy birthday because […]

Franklin’s Rustic Woodland First Birthday Party

We recently celebrated our little baby turning one. And GOSH! It was such a bittersweet day! He is our baby and this “official” birthday party just sealed the deal. He’s growing. We decided to have his party after Thanksgiving to make it easy on traveling guests, and we kept it small with just family, but […]

Easy 4th of July Treat Ideas

I didn’t start truly loving the Fourth of July until we had kids. What used to be a party day with friends heading to the beach (don’t get me wrong, it was super fun) is now time at the lake with our family playing volleyball, skiing, rope swinging, fishing, tubing, playing hours of games, roasting […]

Gwyn and Cal’s Joint Birthday Bash

Our babies are getting old! Insert crying mama face. Months before Gwyn turned six and Cal turned four, we attended a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese where Gwyn and Cal learned that only the birthday child is able to go into the Ticket Blaster. It was then that these two deemed this event a […]

Gwyn’s 5th Birthday Tea Party- Part 2

Yesterday was all about the food and decor (Click HERE if you missed it)  and today it’s the entertainment, fun and guests! For an entire year Gwyn has been set on having Anna and Elsa at her party. Still Frozen obsessed, any time we would see Anna and Elsa at events or other birthday parties, […]

Gwyn’s 5th Birthday Tea Party-Part 1

We recently celebrated Gwyneth’s 5th birthday and oh my…It was elegant, magical, and full of all the pretties. A tea party was the theme this year with two special guests joining the girls. I tried incorporating her favorite colors; pink, purple and blue with a floral flair while also using the natural colors and elements […]

Cal’s 3rd Super-hero Birthday Party

Our Cal turned three a couple of weeks ago and he had a little super hero party with his buddies. I wanted to keep costs down, but still allow for him to have his family and friends around him to celebrate his special day in a way that he would enjoy. Below are the details! […]

The Great New Years Eve Nilla Races

I have never been one to get super excited about New Years Eve. Especially in pertaining to going out. Long lines, higher prices and fixed menus just isn’t my cup of tea. But, since we were staying with some of our best friends for the holiday, I left it up to them to decide how […]