My Top 5 Beauty Faves

On most days, my self-routine doesn’t include many steps or products. My days are pretty predictable and we are usually on-the-go, so in order for me to look somewhat put together, I need things that are simple and time-savvy. So, today I thought I would share my top five beauty faves! Lipsense- lip color I […]

THE Statement Piece of Our Home- By Morgan’s Wood

A few months back I saw a chandelier online and I fell in love. But, I definitely didn’t fall in love with the price tag. In fact, it made me feel a little ill because I liked it so much. Don’t you hate it when that happens!? I decided not to let that stop me, […]

Keeping a Tidy Home is Easy If You Stay Home With Your Kids

Sticky floors. Dirty hands. Crumbs galore. I was having a conversation with another mom the other day when the topic of our homes came up. She was talking about how those who stay home with their kids are able to keep a tidy home since they are physically at their home during the day, and […]

I Have No Idea How You Do it With Three

A mom friend recently confided in me about her struggles in becoming a new mom. We talked about how the time for herself has diminished and how the constant care for her new baby is exhausting. And then she went on to comment, “I have no idea how you do it with three.” And right […]

We All Have a Story

Have you ever looked at someone from the outside and thought about how it seems they’ve got it all? I’ve caught myself doing that on occasion. Pondering thoughts about how their children appear to be angels. How their marriages look flawless. How their upbringing must have been unforgettable. How they must eat healthy, home-cooked meals nightly. […]

My Life-changing Experience Shopping at Walmart

Ten years ago, grocery shopping looked pretty simple. I’d peruse the aisles at my leisure without much of  a list in-hand. In fact, what did I even eat in college? Did I cook meals? Or was it a lot of eating out? I don’t even know what I ate. Anyway, my grocery shopping days were […]

Baby Franklin Turns Twelve Months!

My baby turned one this week!       ONE! (Sniff.) And you know what those jerks at did? They changed my baby updates to TODDLER updates. Unacceptable. He is still my baby and will be for years to come. So, as I have done every month for the past year, here is the […]

My Bachelor-esque Surprise Date- Take 2: Ain’t Life Grand

While he wouldn’t like to openly admit it, my husband can be a pretty romantic and thoughtful man. What I thought was just going to be a quick, low-key trip to Las Vegas to spend a day with my guy while he was away for work turned into one of the best, most unforgettable experiences […]

Baby Franklin Turns 11 Months

Eeeeeeeleven months! Our baby is one month away from being a year old and I know what you’re thinking… I can do the math… thanks for the clarification. 😉 But, one month and my baby is a year old! I just don’t even believe myself when I say it out loud. I really would like […]

I Still Carry Them

  I still carry all three of our kiddos. Gwyn is nearly 6.5, Cal is 4.5, and Franklin is almost 11 months. And all three of them still ask (through words or grunting) to be picked up and held. And I oblige. At the end of the school year last year Gwyn was still running […]