Life Lately – Including July 4th, 2018

Hi, friends! It’s been pretty quiet over here lately, and I have had conflicting feelings about that. On one hand, I have really been enjoying my family this summer and soaking in the memories. And while doing that, I have taken a step back from the internet. And honestly, it has felt good. I have […]

Our Master Bathroom Makeover Plans

Happy Friday, friends! So right this very minute my husband and I were supposed to be stretched out in beach chairs soaking up the rays in San Diego. Sounds amazing, right? We had this little getaway planned for a while now and were getting so excited for it, but after checking the weather only five […]

The Follow Up

I felt a follow-up post to my story was in need after the completely heart-warming, encouraging, uplifting, and terribly sad, discouraging, and heart-breaking response it received. If you missed it, you can see it here and here. So many of you reached out with words of encouragement, words of praise, and words of compassion. But […]

My Story- Part 2

To see the first part of my story, you can find it HERE. We were told our mom was in the back bedroom and to go see her. I paused, noticing how dark the hallway was before moving forward. This is when I heard the sound. A loud, exhausted moaning. The sound of someone with nothing […]

My Story

Gwyneth, our daughter, is the age I was when it happened. Seven. I look at her little self and I can’t imagine a little girl going through something like that. She is so innocent. SO loving. So full of energy and joy. I look at her and I see me. I see the little girl […]

How to Manage Daylight Savings with Kids

Daylight savings (okay, it’s actually “daylight saving time,” but we have morphed it into “daylight savings,” over the years, so I am just going to go with the flow, here)  never used to bother me. It was just a thing that happened twice a year, and I seemed to adjust fine when it happened. Until I […]

Just, Hand it Over

There are certain things I like to do for my family. As in, I like to be the one to do them because I actually can do them and want to show my love in that form. In a more recent instance, I’m referring to making a birthday cake. My son’s 2nd birthday is quickly approaching […]

Is That Really Our Home?!

Before I decided to be a stay-at-home mom, I was a high school teacher. I spent numerous hours outside the classroom preparing new lessons, researching new techniques, reading books I could relate to my students with, grading papers, and so on. I wanted to do my very best. All of that was set aside and every […]

The Urge to Protect (And the First Day of School 2017)

The day my babies were born I was given an overwhelmingly powerful urge to protect them. What this has looked like as they have grown is me wanting to protect them from falling on their faces when learning to walk, ensuring everything was okay after getting their feelings hurt, helping them navigate the dangers of the world […]

The Veteran Mom

Having young kids, I’ve always looked up to those who are a step or two ahead of me in parenthood. I feel comforted (or terrified) knowing what stages are next for our kids; I guess I’m a planner. In the infancy stage, I eagerly watched friends’ older babies eat solids, walk, and begin to talk and […]