Finding Light in the Dark

This is going to be one of those posts that is going to contradict one of my pet peeves and is even something I have posted about before, but now rooting for the other side… kind-of. Wow, could that be any more confusing? Stay with me. In summary, I have always found it slightly annoying […]

How to Make Any Space Feel Cozy in 6 Simple Steps

The weather has definitely cooled down a bit where we live, the sun is going down sooner, and the Fall decor is running rampant in all the stores, which to me means it’s time to cozy up. One of the biggest compliments someone once gave me while in our home is when they stated how […]

Our Top Recommendations From Our Cabo Getaway

My husband and I celebrated nine years being married a week ago and on a semi-whim went to Mexico! Since we got engaged in Mexico, we deemed it a fun spot to get away. During our stay, we discovered some really fun places to eat, activities to do and little tips and tricks, so I […]


My husband and I are celebrating our 9th anniversary TODAY and booked a very last minute getaway to Mexico! Since we got engaged in Mexico, we decided it would be really fun to go back, but the town we got engaged in, Sayulita, is apparently in its monsoon season, so we decided on taking our trip […]

I Want Our Kids to be Bored

Ahhhh, summer. When the nights have turned warmer, schedules have become looser, and days have been filled with water balloons, wind-blown boat-hair, and sticky fingers. I love this time of year so much, and so do our kiddos. But, as I get older I am learning a thing or two about this time. A part […]

Life Lately – Including July 4th, 2018

Hi, friends! It’s been pretty quiet over here lately, and I have had conflicting feelings about that. On one hand, I have really been enjoying my family this summer and soaking in the memories. And while doing that, I have taken a step back from the internet. And honestly, it has felt good. I have […]

Our Master Bathroom Makeover Plans

Happy Friday, friends! So right this very minute my husband and I were supposed to be stretched out in beach chairs soaking up the rays in San Diego. Sounds amazing, right? We had this little getaway planned for a while now and were getting so excited for it, but after checking the weather only five […]

The Follow Up

I felt a follow-up post to my story was in need after the completely heart-warming, encouraging, uplifting, and terribly sad, discouraging, and heart-breaking response it received. If you missed it, you can see it here and here. So many of you reached out with words of encouragement, words of praise, and words of compassion. But […]

My Story- Part 2

To see the first part of my story, you can find it HERE. We were told our mom was in the back bedroom and to go see her. I paused, noticing how dark the hallway was before moving forward. This is when I heard the sound. A loud, exhausted moaning. The sound of someone with nothing […]

My Story

Gwyneth, our daughter, is the age I was when it happened. Seven. I look at her little self and I can’t imagine a little girl going through something like that. She is so innocent. SO loving. So full of energy and joy. I look at her and I see me. I see the little girl […]