Five Non-Candy Valentines with Free Printables

**Re-posting this from last year! Still some amazing ideas. Gosh, people are so creative!** I was at Target the other day when I came across this amazing little section of goodies in the Valentines Day section that would make for GREAT non-candy Valentines for the little ones to give to their friends and/or take to […]

DIY Hot Cocoa Reindeer

Last weekend the older kids and I did a little Christmas craft that I actually thought turned out VERY cute! I thought these would make great little gifts the kids could give out and even enjoy with their cousins over Christmas. They are super easy to make and below is how we did it. Materials:  […]

Bear Hugs Valentines- free printable

Need a last minute Valentine for your kiddos’ classmates or friends? Or something cute to pass around the office? (free printable at the bottom) For Valentine’s Day this year Gwyn is going to give her friends and classmates these little goodie bags filled with “Bear Hugs.” I wanted something easy, inexpensive and fun for her […]

Melted Crayon Heart Valentine for Kids- DIY

Valentines Day is coming up quickly and I wanted to make something for my little cherubs to celebrate  the special day that wasn’t overflowing with sugar. Don’t get me wrong, there will be plenty of sugar consumed that day on all of our parts, but when I came across these little crayon hearts on Pinterest, […]

Shaving Cream Painting -Toddler/Young Child Activity

What started out as a fun, yet controlled outdoor activity turned into a little bit of mayhem rather quickly. A little shaving cream with food coloring outside in the water table seemed like a great idea.. It was squishy and totally fun to feel And exciting to paint on the concrete. But squirting the shaving […]

Homemade Playdough- Great Toddler/Young Child Activity!

Being kept indoors due to cold weather or napping little brothers isn’t always fun, so one afternoon Gwyn and I made Playdough. It was easier than I thought it would be, so I tried two different recipes to see if there was any difference. Both recipes came from this website, and one definitely worked better than the […]

Pipe Cleaner Toddler Activity

I saw a pin on Pinterest long ago of a toddler playing with pipe cleaners and colanders.  So, I picked up some pipe cleaners from the store, took out our colander and said, “Here, toddler…. play.” And play she did. Sure, I showed her how to put the ends of the pipe cleaner through the little […]

No Cleanup Marshmallow Painting

Gwyn loves to paint. What toddler doesn’t? The only snafu is that it can be a little messy. That, and cleaning paint bowls and brushes isn’t the funnest thing to do. And then you also have the water cup that needs to be refilled due to dirty paint water or because your toddler spilled it. […]

The Perfect Toddler/Young Child Gift

One of my favorite things to do is bake, and to be able to bake with my little buddy is pretty fun. Sure, it’s messier, takes longer, and not all ingredients always make it into the bowl, but in the end we both enjoy the time spent together. And the treat made, of course! One […]

The Busy Bin- A Just In Case

One of the things I was most nervous about before I had Calvin was what to do with Gwyneth when I needed to nurse Calvin. Would she allow me to sit and do my thing? Or would she become a little jealous and want my attention too? In preparing for the worst, I put together […]