Our Family Photos 2016

I think you all know by now how important photos are to me. My philosophy is that they are something that once the time has gone by, I can never get again. For the past few years, I have gathered my troop to take some family photos because I am usually the main one behind […]

Baby Franklin Turns Twelve Months!

My baby turned one this week!       ONE! (Sniff.) And you know what those jerks at Babycenter.com did? They changed my baby updates to TODDLER updates. Unacceptable. He is still my baby and will be for years to come. So, as I have done every month for the past year, here is the […]

Franklin’s One Year Photoshoot

Today is our baby’s birthday! (Sniff) And I think we all should just take a moment to wipe the tears away before moving on. (Sniff) I’m okay… I just cannot even believe it. A year ago today we were in that hospital room welcoming our sweet baby into our family, and it was truly one […]

Baby Franklin Turns 11 Months

Eeeeeeeleven months! Our baby is one month away from being a year old and I know what you’re thinking… I can do the math… thanks for the clarification. 😉 But, one month and my baby is a year old! I just don’t even believe myself when I say it out loud. I really would like […]

Get in Front of That Camera, Mama! (in this great mini session )

The weather is cooling off, the leaves are starting to turn and the pumpkin spice lattes are out in abundance, and to me these are the first signs that we are now moving into the holidays. And with the holidays come our annual family photos, some of which we always use for our Christmas card. […]

Brought to Tears By My Singing… (you could say…)

I’ve never done a Throwback Thursday, but recently came across a video I took a few years ago and couldn’t stop giggling. So, I’m throwin’ it back to a few years ago! Do you remember the original video of the baby brought to tears by her mother’s beautiful singing? It truly is a sight to […]

Baby Franklin Turns 10 Months

Ten months. Our baby is now ten. freaking. months. Just madness, I tell you. And the first fun fact about Franklin that I must share right away is that he said “MAMA!” WAHOO! Finally! I give this kid my blood, sweat and tears and for months it was all “Dada.” 😉 This baby is on […]

Baby Franklin Turns 9 Months

Our little babe is 9 months! Three-fourths of the way to being a year old. This is crazy talk! This little babe has 6 teeth and is gnawing on any and everything he can. He loves eating just about anything in itty-bitty, cut-up form. Bananas, strawberries, all other berries, avocado, some softer meats, green beans, […]

Baby Franklin Turns 7 Months

Our sweet boy has turned seven months and is just changing more and more every day. Knowing that this little guy is our last has me pausing more and more, trying to really soak in these last “firsts.” I realize our kiddos will continue to have firsts throughout their lives, and that really is comforting, […]

Memorial Day 2016- One for the Books

One of the best parts about having a blog is being able to easily look back over the years and remember. Remember the adventures we took, remember the different phases of life, (both great and hard) and remember the moments I wish to never forget. This past weekend is one I would like to never […]