Baby Franklin Turns 7 Months

Our sweet boy has turned seven months and is just changing more and more every day. Knowing that this little guy is our last has me pausing more and more, trying to really soak in these last “firsts.” I realize our kiddos will continue to have firsts throughout their lives, and that really is comforting, […]

Memorial Day 2016- One for the Books

One of the best parts about having a blog is being able to easily look back over the years and remember. Remember the adventures we took, remember the different phases of life, (both great and hard) and remember the moments I wish to never forget. This past weekend is one I would like to never […]

Baby Franklin Turns 6 Months

Our sweet baby Franklin has turned six whole months! Which means we had the pleasure of working with Heidi of Glimpse Photography in capturing his milestone photos, and once again, they did not disappoint. I know it. I am just as amazed. Didn’t we just take his three month photos? And now we have lived […]

Sweet Gwyn Turns 6

On Monday our sweet Gwyn turned six. Six years ago, I gave birth to this girl, my first baby, on Mother’s Day. And she was the best gift imaginable. She continues to be such a gift to our family and there is definitely a reason she was our first born. Gwyn had been looking forward […]

Mother’s Day 2016

About two years ago we discovered my favorite brunch spot. And I just have two words for you. Maple. Bacon. The buffet at the Coeur ‘d Alene resort is my absolute favorite and mostly in part due to the to-die-for maple bacon. So for Mother’s Day this year, that is where we went for brunch, […]

Franklin Turns 5 Months

Sweet Baby Franklin has turned five months. And what a joy he is! I thought the obsession over this baby in our family would slow down by about now since he isn’t AS new anymore, but that hasn’t been the case. He is still smothered in love every. single. day. Especially by a certain almost […]

Sweet Cal Turns 4

Our sweet, sensitive, intelligent, inquisitive, cuddly, rough-and-tumble boy turned four today. And wow, my mama heart is just in disbelief. It has been pretty cold here lately, but on this little man’s special day it was nice and sunny making it a great day for our birthday boy. We spent the morning at our church, […]

Franklin Turns 4 Months

Our little Franklin baby has turned four months, and I must say that I am just enjoying him more and more as he continues to show more expressions, smiles and giggles. About three weeks ago he belted out the most wonderful laugh. It wasn’t just a little giggle, either. It was a full-blown laugh that […]

The I’m Sorry Loaf

Something that has been transformational in my life is the power behind a couple of very simple words. Actually, they’re not as simple as one would think. The words themselves are short, simple, and to the point, but there is so much meaning behind these words that they’re not always easy to muster up. “I’m […]

Franklin’s 3 Month Photoshoot

How is our baby three months old already?! I know, you are mind-blown, too. Because these weeks and months are just flying by, I am trying to soak in all of his baby-ness as much as I can. I find myself studying his little features; like his adorable little button nose, the puffiness of his […]