Our New Christmas Cruise Tradition

There are so many wonderful things about the holidays, but one of my absolute favorite things is carrying on traditions, both old and new. Last year we took the Journey to the North Pole Cruise on Lake Coeur d’ Alene and it’s no surprise this experience made it onto our “must do” list again this […]

Baby Franklin Turns Two

Our little boy is TWO today! Gosh, isn’t he cute?! This little man was once a decision we weren’t sure about. But, goodness, I couldn’t be more thankful we added him to our family. He is the perfect completion. His big brother and sister just adore him. They want to hold his hand everywhere he […]

How to Manage Daylight Savings with Kids

Daylight savings (okay, it’s actually “daylight saving time,” but we have morphed it into “daylight savings,” over the years, so I am just going to go with the flow, here)  never used to bother me. It was just a thing that happened twice a year, and I seemed to adjust fine when it happened. Until I […]

Family Halloween Costumes 2017

A couple of months before Halloween our kids start talking about what they’d like to be, and the excitement ramps up once they agree on a theme for our family and assign everyone a character. This year, they chose Moana. And while dressing up truly is not one of my favorite things, because they love it […]

Family Photos 2017

We recently had our yearly family photos taken, and I am just thrilled with how they came out! We had them scheduled for after school and before soccer practice, and while it was a tight squeeze with our time, it just worked out the best for everyone so we made it work. Oh, and did […]

The Urge to Protect (And the First Day of School 2017)

The day my babies were born I was given an overwhelmingly powerful urge to protect them. What this has looked like as they have grown is me wanting to protect them from falling on their faces when learning to walk, ensuring everything was okay after getting their feelings hurt, helping them navigate the dangers of the world […]

Goodbye, Babies

I found something the other day that made my eyes well. It was one of Franklin’s unused newborn diapers and about the size of my hand. I couldn’t believe how small it was. Did my baby really once fit that teeny tiny little diaper? I found myself in a daze thinking of the times when our baby fit […]

Date Night

Having our first baby pretty much knocked us flat on our faces. We were exhausted new parents trying to figure out how to keep our tiny human alive while still functioning in everyday life, and the days of nice dinners out, spontaneous trips to the movies and all-day river floating adventures were no more. Instead, we […]

Baby Franklin Turns 18 Months

It’s been quite a while since I have done an update on our little babe, and I actually wasn’t planning on doing anything past one year, but since so many of you ask about him, I thought I’d just go ahead and fill your screens with a bunch of cuteness to brighten your day. So, […]

The 50+ Best Tips That Made Our Disney Trip Unforgettable

A few weeks ago our family took our first ever vacation to Disneyland and this trip meant a great deal to me. It’s not a cheap trip to take, so I wanted to get the most out of it while having the best time. So in order to do that, I researched my tail off. […]