Best in Show Christmas Lights Award 2017 (+Free Printable)

For the past several years it has been our favorite family Christmas tradition to get in our jammies, load up with hot cocoa and drive around looking at Christmas lights. And what makes it extra special and fun is that while doing so, we hand out an award to our favorite house.   Friends, this […]

DIY Hot Cocoa Reindeer

Last weekend the older kids and I did a little Christmas craft that I actually thought turned out VERY cute! I thought these would make great little gifts the kids could give out and even enjoy with their cousins over Christmas. They are super easy to make and below is how we did it. Materials:  […]

How to Make a Window Appear Bigger

We bought our home about four years ago and while I love so many things about it, one thing that always bothered me are the windows in the living room. There’s just a lot of dead space above them; why not utilize the taller ceilings by letting in more light with bigger windows?! While I […]

DIY No Sew Drop Cloth Curtains

About halfway through building the new deck, we realized it gets SO hot during the summer months that even once the deck was built we wouldn’t want to be out there until after 7 pm due to the heat. That is when we changed the design of our plans a little bit to accommodate the […]

$1 Framed Botanical Prints

Decorating our home, and home decor in general, has quickly become a favorite past time of mine. I enjoy finding ways to make our home feel cozy, stylish, and comfortable, but don’t want to overspend, either. Thus, I am always trying to find ways to get the look for less, and I think I nailed […]

Our Front Porch

My husband and I have decided to focus on the outside of our home this summer and create spaces we want to spend more time in. I started by decorating our front porch, which was something I had been wanting to do since we moved in but it had taken a back seat to several […]

THE Statement Piece of Our Home- By Morgan’s Wood

A few months back I saw a chandelier online and I fell in love. But, I definitely didn’t fall in love with the price tag. In fact, it made me feel a little ill because I liked it so much. Don’t you hate it when that happens!? I decided not to let that stop me, […]

DIY Metal Candlesticks

I had been looking for some tall, black, simple candlesticks for quite some time now before coming to the realization that they are super hard to find! And what I did find was pretty expensive. No thank you! So instead, I decided to make them myself! Below is how I did it. SUPER EASY and […]

DIY Faux Olive Tree Tutorial

I have had my eye on faux olive trees for quite a while now, but those little things are dang expensive! I’m talking around $100 for ONE! Nooooo thank you. So, I found a photo of one I liked and set out to make them myself for so much less. Below is how I did […]

DIY Shiplap Fireplace Tutorial

Once you shiplap something, you’ll start looking around your house wondering what you can shiplap next. After we finished ship-lapping our staircase, (Tutorial HERE) I quickly decided the fireplace had to be next. I just loved the look so much and wanted more! And, since we had some boards left over from our staircase, it […]