DIY Shiplap Tutorial (With Time-Saving Tips and Tricks!)

  Something I have been wanting to do for a while now thanks to my secret BFF, Joanna Gaines, is to add shiplap to our home. I didn’t really know where to put it, though, until one day I was sitting on the couch and noticed how much empty drywall we have due to our […]

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace

When we moved into our house, there were some things I wanted to change as they were pretty outdated. One being our fireplace. I am not against red brick; in fact, certain types of red brick are making their way back, but ours was not the case. And that gold vent cover… Before With a little […]

Safe and Easy New Years Eve Poppers for Kids – DIY

Post composed by my mom! (A few years ago) One of my family’s Christmas traditions is the opening of “Christmas Poppers.”   Whoever gets the bigger end of the paper tube, wins the prize.  Contents usually include a paper crown, a silly joke and a little gift of some sort. Since my kids have grown […]

Wooden Accent Wall Tutorial

A while back I blogged what I would like our baby’s room to look like if we had a boy and what I would like it to look like if we had a girl. (See that post HERE) Well, we had a boy! So a rustic woodland theme it is! And to kick off the […]

Cal’s Big Boy Vintage Sports Room

With a new baby on the way it meant one child needed to have a new room, and since Gwyn’s room is already complete, that meant it was finally time for Cal to have a big boy room.  We decided to give him this room, which is actually the biggest of the two available, it’s […]

Our Barn Door Bedroom Addition

Our bedroom is long.  And until recently, about half of it was never used.   With a new baby on the way, we decided this would be the perfect space for a little nursery until baby is old enough for his/her own room, and then it would be turned into an office.  So, after some […]

DIY Painted Striped Curtains

Since our little baby will be sleeping in our bedroom until ready for his/her own room, I wanted to put some curtains up in there to help block the light while sleeping. That, and our bedroom is pretty neutral and I wanted to add a little “something.” After searching the internet for quite a while, […]

The Tooth Fairy and Free Printables

A few days ago our little Gwyn came running up to me in utter excitement as she shoved her face in mine showing me her new wiggly loose tooth. She has wanted a loose tooth for about a year now after seeing her cousin’s missing teeth, so to have it finally happen to her couldn’t […]

I Made a Sign

Our entryway had a very tall  blank wall and I knew that when I had a minute (or lots of them) I wanted to make a sign to put above our new entryway bench to help fill some of that space. I didn’t know right away what I wanted and The Hubby and I took […]

Best in Show Decorated House Award 2014 (free printable)

As a child one of m y favorite Christmas traditions was driving around at night with the family in tow looking at the holiday decor around the neighborhood. Now that we have kids of our own, we have started this tradition as well and I look forward to it every year. This year is a […]