The Bachelor Finale and Viewing Party Recap

Okay, we MADE IT! The FINALE! I once again had a little Finale Viewing Party and below are a few of the details.     I usually make two cupcakes representing each of the final contestants. But man, I had a hard time with these final two! So, instead I made one cupcake representing Chris! […]

2/3 Ain’t Bad- The Overnight Dates – Bachelor Recap 9

We are almost to the end, ladies! Way to stick with me through this! Here we go! Last recap before the FINALE! There are three girls left, Becca, Mileymouth and Whitbird and they are now in Bali. And let me just stop RIGHT HERE. As we watch Chris reflect he says,  “If I am going […]

The Many Faces of Britt and Hometowns!- Bachelor Recap 8

THIS episode begins with a one-on-one date with Becca. They don’t do ANYTHING except go to the loft where he is staying and sit on the couch and talk. Chris tells us he wants to take things slow with Becca and they do just that. Like they hardly move. #snoooooooooze On this little couch sitting […]

I LOVE Arlington! – The Bachelor Episode 7 Recap

This episode starts out with Chris pulling All Brains, No beauty Megan aside and telling her he doesn’t see a future. And she immediately goes home. BAM! Just like that. Chris Harrison then tells the girls that they will still be having a rose ceremony tonight even though three girls have already gone home this week […]

I Know What You Did…- The Bachelor Recap 6

Here we GOOOOOOOO!!! The episode picks right back up with Crazy Kelsey on the ground being treated with oxygen. As she is doing this she is joking with the paramedic and says “I’d better get a rose for this!” and then asks for Chris to come and comfort her.   #academyawardwinning When she is “better” […]

Sanderson! We Know You’re Out There!- Bachelor Recap 5

The episode begins with the girls packing up and moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico. And after the hootin’ and hollarin’, All Brains, No Beauty Megan says that she is so excited because “It’s like a beach resort place” and that she has never been out of the country before. And I smile at her. […]

Wife Material- Bachelor Recap 4

Welcome back! Let’s jump right in, shall we? The episode starts out with Chris Harrsion informing the ladies that Chris’ sister’s will be coming to the mansion to choose the only one-on-one date this week. And I think this is a great idea.  Make them sweat a little. Moving right along,  the first group date […]

The Scariest Face of My Life- Bachelor Recap 3

Hello! Welcome to another week of The Bachelor recap! Let’s jump right in. This week Jimmy Kimmel joins the ladies and he is in charge of planning the dates and is a tag-along as well. The first date card arrives and it is for Kaitlyn Mileymouth. And because Jummy Kimmel planned the date, instead of an […]

Is There a Diagnosis for That?- Bachelor Recap 2

*We had company last Monday and when we settled in to watch The Bach an hour after it started it was to my utter frustration to learn it had never recoreded. So, the first half of this re-cap is from The problem is now fixed and won’t happen again. Pft. Okay, grab a cup […]

Chris! Meet Your (Special) Ladies! -The Bachelor Episode 1 Recap

Welcome to another season of The Bachelor! Like usual, I will be recapping each episode for you so that you can either catch up if you missed an episode, get a little reminder before the next episode and/or so you can chirp in your own feelings/comments and we can bond over the humility of these […]