50+ Recommended Gift Ideas for Men

Good morning, friends!

As promised, here is my men’s gift guide!

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I asked you all what the men in your lives really like and you delivered! Every one of those items either come recommended by you all, or my husband recommends them! Well…. all except one. One I had myself in mind when adding to the list. Can you tell which one?

Just click on each photo for more details!

Is there anything else you would add to this list?

As always, thank you so much for stopping by!




  1. Wow, these are some great ideas for my hubby!

  2. These are such great ideas! My husband is so hard to shop for!

  3. Ugh men are so hard to shop for! I’d love to get my fiancé those Apple Airpods but he loses everything, so I don’t think that would be a great idea lol!

    -madi xo

  4. tiffanie anne says:

    LOVE your gift guide! I feel like my husband is so hard to buy! So this helped a ton!!

  5. This is so great, thank you for putting this together!!!

  6. Brianna C Randall-DePauw says:

    These are some great ideas! I might actually consider the towel bowl light! Ha! So silly, but clever

  7. I had no clue what most of this was. Thanks for sharing.

  8. This came at the perfect time! I’ll be checking back on this list when shopping for christmas presents!

  9. This is a great list! There are so many fantastic options here :)

    Kasey Ma

  10. that drone! I think my husband would love to have one

  11. I bought the fire starter!!! What a great gift idea for my husband!!! Also debating about the drone. Thanks for the Man list!!!! ~Kim

  12. Great list of ideas for men, I always think a cologne or a nice shave kit makes a good gift. xo, Brittany Nicole | http://www.theblistblog.com

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