Where I Buy Our Christmas Cards (For Cheap!) & How to Display Them

Christmas is wonderful for so many reasons, and one of my very favorite parts about Christmas is receiving my friend’s and family’s Christmas cards! I love getting the mail and seeing which cards have arrived, and I truly enjoy seeing all of my people during this season!

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But, one discouraging thing about the Christmas cards has always been the cost. Even with all of the discounts, I still ended up paying around $100 every year, which just added up alongside everything else. And that doesn’t even include postage! And then, my friend Kathy let me in on an amazing secret (not really a secret, she is just amazing at finding deals and she told me about it) on how to get 100 cardstock 5×7 Christmas cards for $25.

I couldn’t believe it!

So today, I thought I would share this “secret” with you, too!

Are you ready???

Groupon!! Every year, Groupon hosts a deal with Staples for extremely cheap Christmas cards that are actually pretty nice quality. Go HERE and see for yourself! Now, just know these aren’t premium quality cards. While the paper is cardstock, it’s not what you are going to get if you spend $150 (with a discount!) from a bigger card company. So, just know that! But, if you are like me and don’t care, then this is the deal for you!

And to show you how they turn out, here is our Christmas card from last year: ( I took these photos late last night- I will take photos during the daylight to show you the true colors and quality.)



Pretty nice, right?! I mean for SURE worth $25. AND, to save you even MORE money, if you have a Staples near you, you can pick them up in the store to save you the shipping cost!

I know. Your mind is blown. So there you have it!

One thing I hadn’t figured out, though, was how to display the cards without feeling overwhelmed. I LOVE being able to see them all at once and often find myself just staring at them, but I also felt like things looked a little cluttered with them taped to our fridge, clipped to a string leading up our stairs, displayed on a ladder (all things I have tried) and it wasn’t until I was at my friend, Megan’s, house last year that I was SOLD on the perfect solution.


Perfectly displayed on her kitchen counter was a book of her Christmas cards alongside a hole punch. And every time she received a Christmas card she hole punched it and added it to that year’s book. It was easy to flip through, took almost zero time to make, and is something her family and friends could flip through for years to come.


And I LOVED IT. Once upon a time I had seen this done on Pinterest, and I even went as far as to purchase the rings, but never got around to making the books. Well, after seeing Megan’s beautiful book in the flesh, I was 100% IN.

So when I busted out the Christmas decor a couple of weeks ago and came across our old Christmas cards in Ziplock bags, I busted out the hole punch and rings and made four books in about 10 minutes. image3

It was SO easy and I absolutely LOVE the outcome! These books can lay on a coffee table, countertop, buffet or just about anywhere and can easily be flipped through. In fact, I have caught our daughter looking through them several times since making them, which just makes me happy.


So, if you want to make these yourself, I used THESE binder rings, and if you don’t have a hole punch, any of THESE should do the trick.


I hope these tips have helped you to keep costs down and to contain all of the cheer a little more for this year and for those to come.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

<3 Shannon


  1. Such a great deal!!! We talk every year about how much they cost, so this is such good option. Also, love how you display them all!

  2. Oh i LOVE a good Christmas card. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love Christmas everything… What a great idea on displaying them all!!

  4. I love Christmas everything!!!! What a great idea on displaying them all!!!!

  5. Great recommendations! I really need to get mine asap!

  6. I love your display idea! that’s such an amazing idea that I think i’ll need to remember it for next year (it’s a little late this year) but I love that it can be a décor piece, conversation piece, not take up much space like hanging cards over the mantle usually does, etc.

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