Friday Favorites : Wall Decor

A while back I asked what topics or stores you all would like to see in my Friday Favorites posts, and one of the first responses back said “wall decor!”

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Jenny wanted to know what to buy and where to put it.

This one was a little tricky for me being I don’t have a lot of wall decor myself, but I will share what I have done and will give you some ideas for items I think look great in just about any home!

The space Jenny was inquiring about specifically in her own home is the space leading up her stairway. We decided to shiplap that wall in our home, and since doing so gave the wall so much texture, I don’t feel the need to fill it up with other things. That’s not to say that I will never decorate it, I just don’t think it’s one of the areas high on my priority list.

But, a couple of ideas that I think work well for that area are below!






For the tutorial, go HERE!

And here is a little collection of items that would fill a wall space nicely! And notice how these all aren’t things that would go straight on a wall! A tall plant or a large mirror are great space-fillers, too!

Just click on each photo for more info!

Here are some more wall areas in our home if any of them inspire you!







What do you like to decorate your walls with? Let me know below!

<3 Shannon


  1. So many great ideas! I like the custom saying one.

  2. My personal favorite wall hanging are pressed flowers. They look great in a double-panes frame, especially if they’re somewhere they can catch light!

  3. Oh my goodness, so many pretty things!

  4. I love all of the different wall decor you posted, you are inspiring me to want to re-decorate, thanks for sharing!

    ~xo Sheree

  5. We have the same taste! I have the wall clock and hanging shelves!

  6. These are great ideas. I like big clocks! I love to hang pictures of favorite vacation spots and of course family. I also have some fun colored art relating to my favorite things (bike, tree, etc).

  7. Lovin’ that mirror stacked wall! Great tips on home decor!

  8. I really like the simple black and white picture frames!

  9. You have a beautiful home! I just moved and I’m still decorating. You’ve given me some great inspiration. Thank you!

  10. I love accent walls!!! They can really make a room feel put together! Love your blog and this post is great! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  11. Great ideas! My finance likes little on the wall but these are some great statement pieces

  12. Drooling over all of these ideas! The wall of mirrors is really cool to me!

  13. Sarah White says:

    Is that one wall styled with embroidery hoop wreaths? Those would be so easy to do!

  14. I love all your picks!!! These are great inspiration for decorating!

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