The Vote is in! The Living Room Reveal

A few weeks ago I turned to my Instagram buddies to get their opinions on which rug we should add to our living room. It was time for us to upgrade our rug situation since the one we had blended in with the carpet, was too small, and didn’t really add anything to the room.


I put up a photo of our living room, along with the two rugs from Well Woven that I was deciding between and let my buddies take the reins. Both were very unique, both had the right amount of subtle color I was looking for, and both were quality-made, so it was a tough decision!  Below are the two everyone was choosing between…

Goa Blue Vintage Modern 


Ciato Blue Vintage Modern RugCiato Rug

And while the poll was really close, I ended up choosing the Ciato Blue! Which just so happened to be the majority vote, too. :)

image1 (5) copy 2


I love how it doesn’t compete with the color of the couch but instead compliments it with the subtle hints of gray.


And the way parts of it are more pronounced than others is really unique and something I haven’t seen before and really enjoy!


And since the majority of our home is pretty neutral, having a rug with a little more design and color really gives the room some character while not overpowering it, either.


Overall, I am so happy with this rug and love how it brings our room together. We finally have a rug big enough for this room so that each piece of furniture is able to touch it, completing the look. image4

Plus, it’s cozy on the feet!


If looking for an area rug for your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, I have linked some of my other favorites from the Well Woven site below! They have a great sale going on right now, AND my readers get an extra 15% off through November with code LITTLELOVES15! 

Isn’t that just awesome! These are truly beautiful, affordable rugs!

Maxwell Vintage Modern Blue Rug


Sheffield Grey Traditional 


Sorrenti Blue Vintage 


Sultana Gray Traditional 


As always, thanks for stopping by, buddies!


  1. This rug looks so amazing This is the one I voted for!I love the asymmetrical design and color.

  2. Sarah White says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous space. I love it!

  3. Love all of these! Good luck picking!

  4. Your living room looks so nice. I really like the antique rugs that you add instead of new ones.

  5. Love the space! Looks so chic and cozy!

  6. Those rugs looks so cosy and warm, love your living room looks so beautiful and inviting.

  7. That rug was really pretty and works really well in your STUNNING living room!

  8. Those rugs are beautiful, I think the blue looks great too!

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