Menu Planning Monday #160

Welcome to another Menu Planning Monday! Here I try to plan out healthy, EASY meals that will get me in and out of that kitchen as quickly as possible while still keeping our palettes satisfied.

Has the weather turned where you’re at? Is it chilly, or still warm? Here is our dinner menu for the week!


We have been doing a big “Sunday Supper” leaving us with a bunch of leftovers, so that is exactly what we will be having this night.


Chunky Beef, Cabbage, and Tomato Soup 

Maybe I will add some grilled cheeses to go along… and maybe I won’t!




Steak Burrito Bowls 

Use chicken or steak, these are sure to be yummy!

Gimme Delicious



Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers 

These just look so fun to eat!

Dear Crissy

stuffed peppers




  1. This looks so good! I need to try this!

  2. That soup is calling my name! It’s perfect for the chilly weather!

  3. Steak burrito bowls sound so good!

  4. That cabbage and tomato soup looks amazing! It’s perfect for this chilly fall weather!

  5. The stuff bell peppers look so delicious. My family loves them so I’ll have to try out that recipe.

  6. These look yummy! I’m all about cooking big meals and then having leftovers.

  7. Stuffed peppers remind me of family dinners when I was a kid — love it!

  8. I want dinner at your house! It all looks really good right now!

  9. We cook vegetarian at home (and that’s what the food section of my blog is about), but I would love to try these out with meat substitutes! Looks sooo yummy and healthy! Love those stuffed peppers!

  10. I love your Saturday/Sunday menu. Those stuffed peppers look quite appetizing. I am going to try them these weekend

  11. Those stuffed peppers look so tasty. I always find that bell peppers add a great flavor profile to ground turkey.

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