How to Upgrade Your Garage’s Exterior for Less

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My motto when decorating our home has always been, “how can I get this look for less?” and it still holds true today.

As I shared last week, we remodeled the outside of our home and we did it in such a way to get the exact look we were going for, but without spending an insane amount.

Because we were painting the entire side of our exterior white (to see all about that process, go HERE), we knew we needed/wanted some accessories to break up all the white, and that is when my hunt began.

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I have always loved the look of windows on garage doors, but those typically come with a higher price tag and are harder to obtain after the fact, so when I came across THESE faux windows, I was skeptical, but also very intrigued. Are these cheesy? Could they really pass for windows when looking from the street? Since I got them from Amazon, I figured they were worth a shot with Amazon’s amazing return policy.

Once they arrived I slapped those babies right up there and was truly taken by surprise. From a little bit of a distance, they truly looked real!


We have also always loved the look of garage accent hardware, so when I came across THIS set, I was sold right away. So much less expensive than the real deal, yet they look identical.



Adding these two things to our garage doors really dressed things up and we are so happy with the end result! We feel like they upgraded the look of our home without taking a big dip into the bank account, and that is something to celebrate over!

As always, thanks for stopping by, friends!


  1. This looks SO nice!! This spring we’re going to fix the trim on our garage (the wood is rotting and needs to be replaced) and I’m trying to tell my husband we don’t need a NEW garage- we need to snazz up what we have!

  2. THis is on our list but we have to get approval first! Bleh!

  3. Your home is beautiful! I love the addition to your garage! What a simple but beautiful touch!

  4. These are great tips! It absolutely does make a difference and looks beautiful!

  5. This looks great and the small touches really do make a huge difference!

    Kasey Ma

  6. I love how your garage doors turned out!

  7. This looks fabulous! I had no idea they made faux windows for the garage doors, but that’s brilliant!

  8. This looks great! And so simple too – definitely sharing this with my husband.

  9. That looks beautiful! I wish I had a real garage.

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