How to Make Any Space Feel Cozy in 6 Simple Steps

The weather has definitely cooled down a bit where we live, the sun is going down sooner, and the Fall decor is running rampant in all the stores, which to me means it’s time to cozy up.

One of the biggest compliments someone once gave me while in our home is when they stated how cozy our home always feels. I truly appreciated her words so very much because that is one of my biggest goals!

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So today, I am sharing six simple and easy tips for making any space feel cozy.

1. Throw pillows: The right throw pillows will quickly dress up your room and can not only be placed on couches, chairs, and beds, but on fireplaces, in baskets, and even on the floor for extra seating. When looking for pillows, I tend to lean toward neutrals with varying textures.


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2. Throw blankets: I have a thing for throws and cannot resist a good, soft throw in my color palette. Throws instantly add to the coziness of a room, especially when placed throughout so people can easily grab one and snuggle up. To give you an idea, I literally have thirteen in JUST my living room. This is excessive, I know! But I just can’t pass a good one up, and we all like to grab them when lounging. Hang them from the arm of your couch, slung over the back of a chair, hung from the rungs of a ladder, or hung over the edge of a basket. These are truly one of those perfect decor pieces; functional and pretty!

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3. Lighting: Varying lights in a room helps set the ambiance depending on the time of day and what you are doing. In the evening, we like to have only a few lights on to actually help us see and we enjoy the glow of twinkle lights and the sconces. The sconces we have in our room aren’t actually hard-wired, but instead use hockey puck lights to give off a nice, subtle glow! I learned this trick from my sweet friend, Brooke, over at Nesting with Grace, and am so thankful she shared this amazing little trick! (To get the tutorial of what I used, go HERE.)  Consider also getting a dimmer for your overhead light.


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4. Scents: We can’t leave out smell when talking about being cozy, because don’t you agree a nice scent is just so comforting? Having things in your home that smell nice will lighten the mood and make a room feel fresh and clean. We keep candles around the home, but we are also big Glade Plug-In users! I cannot even count the number of times people have commented on the nice smell when they are at our home, and are surprised to learn it’s due to a Glade Plug-In!


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5. Greenery/florals– Bringing the outdoors inside makes a room feel fresh. I have learned over the years the right faux greenery CAN look nice and you don’t need to constantly be clipping fresh greens from the outside or buying bouquets from the store. Though! They do smell nice! If you’re able to keep them alive, real plants are wonderful, too.


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6. Rugs– The right rug can not only brighten your space, but it brings it all together to feel more complete. We recently bought a new rug for our bedroom and the difference it made in that space is incredible.

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I am currently looking for or a new rug for our living room and will show you some of the favorites I am considering!

Ciato Rug

Ciato Blue Vintage 


Goa Blue Vintage 


Maxwell Vintage 

It doesn’t take much to make a home feel cozy, and these are the top ways I go about it in our home. I would love to hear how you make your home cozy! Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I love all of these ideas! A cozy home is a perfect way to end the day!! Must get some of these pieces!

  2. Your house IS so cozy!!! The colors you use are so welcoming

  3. LOVE the spotty tassle blanket! And I agree you can never have enough house plants :-)

  4. Those are definitely a few of my favorite things to have in my home!

  5. Love switching out throw pillows for the season, and fall always means cozy! Love the rugs you suggested too!


  6. Love all of these ideas! This is great idea for fall season :)

  7. Great tips! I really like the rugs you shared! Thanks!

  8. Perfect tips to get us settled into the cooler season. Our family also loves a lot of throws and I am planning to get a beautiful basket to keep a few handy. It’s also time for us to replenish our pillow supply, so the ideas in your article are timely. Thanks for these great inspirations!

  9. I have all of those things except for the rugs. I have been wanting to buy new rugs for the living room and both bedrooms. And I just love scents. I have candles and automatic fresheners going almost all the time. I need to make my lighting better too, especially in the living room.

  10. Perfect fall textures. Love them all!

  11. Give me a comfy couch with some extra comfy and warm pillows and blankets and I’m ready to cozy up and just stay there for hours.

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