30 Random Facts

Hey buddies!

Today I thought I would give you a little more insight into the true me and share 30 random facts. I feel like the random facts are the things that help give insight into what a person is really like, so without further ado…

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One: I have a problem with the word “sure.” It throws me! While texting, if someone replies with “sure,” I automatically think it means “if I have to” or “I don’t really want to but I will.” I know it’s silly, but that is just a word I do not like! And my close buddies know it and try not to use it around me. I am also irked when younger-than-me people refer to me as “hon” or “sweetie.” Cringe!

Two: My main sport in high school was volleyball. I was on a competitive club traveling team, and we even made it to the Junior Olympics. I think I have always been a lover of sports. Instead of dolls, I slept with balls. (That could sound so inappropriate. HA!)

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Three: My guilty pleasures include The Bachelor and chocolatey sweets.

Four: I lost my dad when I was 7. Kind-of a downer, but I think it has helped shape who I am today. If curious about that story, you can read about it here.

Five: I used to run a little bakery from my our home. Right after having our oldest I started baking more, and it took off. I would make things for baby showers, gifts, birthdays, and more.

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Six: I consider myself an introverted extrovert. I love being out and about, but at the same time also need my quiet alone time.

Seven: I am not afraid to do embarrassing things, because sometimes it just feels good to be silly. My mom and I went to Disneyland when I was in high school. A song came on over the loudpseaker, and I took off in dance-mode.

Eight: In my early college years,  I wanted to go into business. I pictured myself in a business suit working on the top floor of some executive office with a window view in NYC.  And then I took economics and quickly changed my major.

Nine: As a child, I used to tie my socks around my ankles when I slept so I wouldn’t lose them in my covers. Pretty genius if you ask me!

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Ten: Secret dreams: to make writing my full-time job, and maybe do some sort of Joanna Gaines house flipping gig…

Eleven: Humbling experience- meeting so many sweet, kind, and genuine Instagram and blogging buddies. I always thought the stigma surrounding social media was completely true, but I have somehow stumbled across the most amazing community of supportive buddies I could have ever dreamt of.

Twelve: Before babies, I was a high school English teacher. I taught everything from Freshmen, Junior, and Senior English to honors Freshman and AP Seniors.

Thirteen: I live for frozen yogurt and went every single day my senior year of high school once school got out.

Fourteen: I am long. I have really long fingers and toes, and this used to bother me when younger. In fact, I still won’t purchase certain shoes if they accentuate the toe area and I can palm a woman’s basketball.

Fifteen: I went tweezer crazy in high school and plucked my eyebrows pretty thin…and they never grew back.

Sixteen: Walking in heels will never be a natural thing for me. I look like I am about to roll my ankle any minute.

Seventeen: I didn’t realize how much I wanted a daughter until I cried at the announcement that we were having a girl.

Eighteen: I used to go to my friend’s house every day after school and pig out on all of her food. I found some really yummy cookies one day and went to town. Then she told me they were her dog’s treats.

Nineteen: I am an adventurous eater and love all sorts of new tastes and flavors. Will not exclude dog treats.

Twenty: My make-up routine is minimal. Tinted moisturizer, mascara, and chapstick. DONE.

Twenty-one: I didn’t discover my love for home decor and design until about five years ago. One craft led to another and then it just kind-of took off.

Twenty-two: I think pickles are a selfish food. They over-power the taste of everything!

Twenty-three: I have decision-paralysis. It’s basically a made-up condition my husband gave me when he noticed I have a very difficult time making decisions. What to order off a menu? What color shirt to buy? I over-analyze everything!

Twenty-four: Right after college, my husband and I were at a Seahawks game and a random drunk guy socked an innocent dad in the face because he was a fan on the opposing team. This did not sit well with my husband and he took off after him to stop him from getting away. Before I knew it, I found myself on the back of the a-hole wrestling him to the ground before security came. HA!

Twenty-five: I am legally blind. I wear contacts daily and very thick glasses at night.

Twenty-six: Fishing is my jam! I absolutely love everything about it! Except for baiting my own hook. Eew. We even spent a good chunk of our honeymoon deep sea fishing.

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Twenty-seven: I can do spiders. I can do lizards. I cannot, CANNOT, do snakes or mice. In fact, if you want to see me in freak-out mode, check out the highlights on my stories. You’ll be sure to get a laugh out of it.

Twenty-eight: I am a cryer. Talking about personal things, I cry. A dove commercial, I cry. Someone else crying, I cry.

Twenty-nine: My daughter’s middle name is Marie, my middle name is Marie, my mom’s middle name is Marie, and my grandma’s middle name was Marie. Tradition! Speaking of traditions, they mean a lot to me.

Thirty: Madonna’s Like a Prayer is my SONG. Ask any of my college buddies. Or any of the other patrons who happened to be near me in the bars…

So there you have it! Thirty of the most random things about me. Do you feel like we are closer now? I do! I want to know, what is your best random fact?!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

<3 Shannon


  1. Love this post! Also, the fishing thing was such a surprise! Thank you for sharing!

  2. LOL at tying your socks around your ankles!! hahah that’s innovative lol

  3. These were so fun to read! I also will never, ever look natural walking in heels and hate the word ‘sure’!

  4. Desiree Weist says:

    I love this! My daughters middle name is Marie after one of my grandma’s. She is two and has a love for dog food/treats. We have to keep tje dog food hidden and feed the dogs outside or when she is asleep or she will sneak and grab some of their food and eat it. She’s super fast too!

  5. Wow! Those were so fun!! Now I feel like we need to meet for lunch and discuss all of them! Lol! You are FUN!!! I’m feeling pretty blah, right now. Ha!

    • Oh my gosh, you make me smile!! Join me on one of my coffee chats on Instagram! I love interacting with people on there!

  6. I think its a great idea to list random facts about oneself, especially when they never come to mind when someone asks you. Enjoyed reading your blog.

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