The Newest Member of Our Family – And How He Came to Be

There is a new member of the family that I would like to introduce you all to today, but before I do so, there is a bit of a backstory.

Last weekend, we were robbed.

Our garage and cars were broken into and we had a lot of valuables stolen including a ton of tools and my entire purse.

Not only was this such a creepy, violating feeling knowing someone spent a decent amount of time going through and stealing our things, but it was absolutely a huge pain dealing with the aftermath. We had to cancel all credit/debit cards and get new ones, get a new driver’s license, and replace all other medical/important cards that I had in my wallet.

That event lead my husband to hop online and find something he has been wanting for years. Something he has been trying to convince me of for years. Something the whole family (besides me) has been begging for, for years.

A “guard dog.”

And to this day, I am still not sure how it all happened, but we somehow found ourselves going that night to look at this puppy, and the next day went out to get supplies for the said puppy before actually picking it up. And again, I am not sure how it all happened. But in less than 24 hours, we had a puppy.


Bullet, Rocky, Rocket, Bear, and Beowulf (my personal favorite) were all name suggestions when deciding what to name this pup, but it was actually Gwyneth who came up with the name.

Not satisfied with any of the name suggestions, Gwyn took down our old baby name book and said she was going to start flipping through to find a name. A few minutes later, she came running into the room with the perfect name:


We paused, took it in, and agreed that we too liked the name. My husband then said, “Bruce Willis?!” and that was it. Game over. Puppy had a name.

So, my friends, I would like to introduce you to our new puppy, Bruce Willis.



He is an 8 week old English Mastiff, and the newest member of our family.

Oh! And this little tidbit is just perfect. It wasn’t until a little bit later that we realized just how Gwyneth landed on “Bruce.”

My husband took one look at the cover of the baby book, showed me, and we just about died.


Forget the 100,000 baby names on the inside! She found “the one” right there on the cover. HA!


image1 copy 2

Welcome home, Bruce Willis!


  1. i love the name! Haha! That was fast! I’m sorry you got robbed, but happy that you found a wonderful solution. Take care of him well!:)

  2. So sorry you were broken into and had tools and your entire purse stolen. What a pain. Look at that adorable guard dog you now have.

  3. i love his name!! He is so dang cute! I’m so sorry you were broken in to! Hopefuly he gives you some peace of mind.

  4. I can’t even HANDLE!!! So dang cute!! It’s such a bummer that you got robbed, I’ve been there and it is so scary and it sucks! But what a cute little puppy! I hope he is a wonderful guard dog! :)

    XXOO Sunny

  5. So sorry to hear about the robbing :( That’s just terrible! But congrats on adding a new member to the family, what an adorable pup!

  6. Awww, he’s such a little stud! What a lovely way to heal from something so violating. I’m sure he’ll be a wonderful guard dog!

  7. Awe, your new puppy is adorable! Love the name!!

  8. What a sweet puppy!! Congrats!

  9. We got a dog on a total whim like 5 years ago and yeah… he’s a Morkie so he’s kind of a crappy guard dog. Unless you are the mailman in which case he will bark until he dry heaves and sometimes he’ll barf. THAT’s fun.

  10. Oh my God Bruce is just sooo gorgeous!! What a perfect addition to your family – and so sorry to hear about the break-in. That must have been so upsetting!

  11. Um, he’s the cutest! Enjoy your time with this sweetie! Bruce looks like the perfect name for him!

  12. So sorry to hear you were robbed. I hope you will be able to get some of your things back, if the police can apprehend the thief! But meanwhile, Bruce is absolutely adorable! He will certainly grow up to be an awesome guard dog!! I would love to have a mastiff – but we already have 3 dogs in a small house!

    • It’s hard to fit such big dogs in any house it seems, but when there’s that much love to go around, it’s hard not to want to add more, I am sure!

  13. Jalisa Harris says:

    That is so sweet. I loved growing up with my dog.

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