Family Photos 2018

Hey guys!

We had photos taken of our crew recently and I thought I would share the who, the what, the when, the where and the why behind our little session with you all today, as well as just simply share the photos that document our lives during this phase!



The Who:

Beyond the obvious of our own little fam being the ones behind the camera, this year we were blessed to have our beloved photos taken by David of Steel String Photography here in our hometown. David was very professional, super kind, and easy to talk to which made the session go as smoothly as possible. Plus, he’s got a handful of little ones himself, so he is all-too-familiar with how little ones… work. :)


The What: 

While family photos aren’t something we take too often since there is a lot that goes into them, they are something we aim to have done once a year. My family knows how much they mean to me and one day… one day, people, they will be so glad we took them. 😉

The When:

We took our photos during the end of May when the weather wasn’t too hot, the air wasn’t smokey (we’ve been having a lot of smoke from wildfires here) and the sun was staying up a bit longer in the evenings giving off that perfect little glow.


The Where:

Because we had a lot going on in our lives during the time of these photos,  I wanted to make them as easy on our family as possible, so we took them at our home! And I have got to say, I think this may have been my favorite setting, yet. There is just something extra special about having sweet photos of your loved ones at your own home to remember these times by. Plus, we didn’t have to take the time to travel to a location, we were (clearly) home when we were done, there was less time someone could stain their clothing, and so on!


The Why:

Because, this. Because each year these littles change so very much and I want to remember every stinkin’ bit of it.


And because as a mama of three little ones, I find it extremely difficult to get a decent photo of the three of them at the same time.


And because I am usually the one behind the camera! Thus, the amount of photos I am actually in is very small.


And because I just love them so gosh dang much that I want to stare at their beautiful faces.



Sometimes our lives are a blur. Whether it’s things happening quickly around us, or these goofballs being the ones running us in circles, I enjoy looking back on these photos and remembering the little memories that are attached to each photo.


These are my people.


We had a great experience working with David of Steel String Photography and love our family photos so much!

Thank you for stopping by!

<3 Shannon


  1. Those are amazing family pictures! I want to get family pictures taken but my husband doesn’t.. haha!

  2. Such a cute family! These pictures are amazing!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh yay! You got them!

  4. These are precious pictures! It’s SO HARD to get everyone in a cute outfit, smiling, and looking at the camera a the same time! LOL!

  5. Such great photos! Great spot, love the outfits and ya got both fun awesome pics and wonderful posed pics too. Love!

  6. These are great! And what a cute family… the kiddos look like they’re having a blast :)

  7. These are such incredible photos! You have a beautiful family. I really love the photo of you and your husband with the kids running around you. It captures what it feels like in my house. :)

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