My Farm Chicks Finds 2018

Ahhh. Friends! It was another successful and amazing couple of days at The Farm Chicks this past weekend, and as promised, I am here to show you the haul! This year was extra special to me because it was my daughter’s first time going to the show and I am so very pleased with how well she did and how much fun she had, making my time there that much more enjoyable. We were there for about six hours, and she rocked it the whole time!


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I had been looking for a bench for the bottom of our bed for quite a while now but wasn’t desperate enough to just buy any ol’ bench. I wanted it to have character, be unique and to complement the room, and this wooden, hand-crafted bench I found met all the criteria.


This wall in our bedroom was always an “in-progress” wall as I knew I eventually wanted something bigger for this space. The dresser just wasn’t proportionate to the TV and with a larger wall area, something bigger just felt right.

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And then it was love at first site. If you are familiar with our home, you know I have an affinity for things with drawers, cubbies, and cabinets, so this was just drool-worthy.

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I debated this piece for a while, though, but ultimately pulled the trigger and bought it without even measuring to see if I could fit it in my car. Luckily, it did, and I was able to let out a big sigh of relief.

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Once home, it fit so perfectly and I am just so happy with it! It’s an old general store cabinet and I just love finding pieces for our home with a story behind it. It holds all of my husband’s dresser items as well as our bathing suits, cover-ups, and there’s even a drawer for Franklin’s diaper items so we can change him in here. There are also about 4-5 empty drawers, which is nice to know that we have the extra space when needed.

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Our plan is to mount the TV and then build something around it to conceal it.

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And because this piece isn’t as deep as the old dresser, we actually have more walking room, which is an added bonus. And on the sides of the cabinet are stickers from the original store!

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The old dresser (which I actually got at my very first Farm Chicks!) went down into our guest bedroom, along with this little desk I also picked up for this room.

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Our outdoor table has remained empty for a while now, so this fifteen-dollar wooden box seemed like a great fit.


And the last thing I got was this metal locker, which is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Beneath our deck, we have a hot tub and I had been trying to find something to store all of our hot tub supplies, toys, and towels in, and this locker fits those needs perfectly.

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Now I just need to store some towels in here and we will be set.

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Once my husband and I unloaded the car, I went upstairs to find our sweet Gwyn having a tea party with her new glasses and glitter shaker, while also wearing her new necklace. And the little pretty piece of cloth we thought would be perfect for tea parties turned out to be a pillowcase, which she promptly put on her bed. I think she loves finding special things just as much as her mama!

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I just had the best time shopping with my daughter and a couple of good friends at this event and am already excited for next year!

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What has been your favorite “find” while out shopping?


  1. Aw, I’m glad your daughter went with you this year and you BOTH had a good time, and found some really cute stuff! Love that dresser the TV is on – so many drawers to store stuff. Nice! And the locker for the hot tub is SUCH an awesome idea.


  2. So many amazing finds. I love your decor!

  3. Your decor is amazing! I also love furniture with a history and have stocked my space with old items that are all mismatched and I really like the effect.

  4. Awesome! I read your post prior to going to the show, and I’m so happy you found such great items! Seriously, can you just come and decorate my apartment? haha!

  5. I love the bench at the end of the bed! Since moving into our house last year, we also found that we didn’t just want any old piece of furniture. My husband has been making a lot of ours, but this is also a great idea!

  6. You have a such an eye for this! Love all of your decor!

  7. crystal says:

    I love your decor and adore that dresser! That a good find!

  8. aww this is super exciting for your daughters first tim attending and LOVE that bench at the end of your bed too- your decor is adorable!

  9. You’ve styled your finds in such great places. I really like the locker idea by the hot tub to keep chemicals and extras out of site.

  10. How fun!!!! I love that dresser and have been looking for something for the same space in my room, such great finds!

  11. I love all these chic finds! Your bedroom is stunning, I LOVE the chandelier! xo, Brittany Nicole |

  12. This is so cool! You have an amazing eye to find things! Feeling inspired by this!

  13. This is a great post, you have found some great pieces, you have inspired me to start redecorating!

    ~xo Sheree

  14. Avery Yaktus says:

    Your bedroom with the barn doors is adorable! I LOVE your style!!

  15. This looks like such a fun event! Also, I LOVE your bedroom rug. Where did you get it?

  16. I love the way this furniture is styled. It is perfect farmhouse and I love it!

  17. Some great finds! I love the bench at the end of your bed! It looks great in your room!

  18. That master bedroom is beautiful! I love the barn wood doors!

  19. Love that you were able to find such amazing pieces! There are soooo many antique fairs here in England and I am hoping to snag some pieces before we leave.

  20. You and your daughter found some amazing decor! You have a real knack for this!

  21. Francesca says:

    That’s such a beautiful bedroom! Love that dresser!

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