Menu Planning Monday #145

Welcome to another Menu Planning Monday! Here I try to plan out healthy, EASY meals that will get me in and out of that kitchen as quickly as possible while still keeping our palettes satisfied.

This is our last full week of school before summer! Wow! And apparently, I am craving chicken (and maybe it’s because I also bought a vat of it at Costco) because this week’s line-up is all about that bird.


Grilled Thai Peanut Chicken Skewers 

Savory Nothings



Grilled Lime Salmon with Avocado Mango Salsa and Coconut Rice

This looks so fan-freaking tastic, I am salivating! I am hitting up Costco for the ingredients to this one and am hoping to cut down some of the time by using Costco’s mango salsa. I am hoping Costco still carries it, anyway! I will also be serving this alongside cauliflower rice.

Cooking Classy





Balsamic Grilled Chicken topped with Caprese Salad

Get Inspired Everyday

Balsamic-Grilled-Chicken-topped-with-Caprese-Salad-GI-365-4 (1)


It’s always a mystery!


  1. So many good ideas! So Yummy!

  2. This is awesome! I’ll be moving into my first apartment pretty soon so I’ve been looking for easy meal ideas! I’ll definitely be trying some of these!

  3. Those chicken skewers look really good!! I do love chicken. :)


  4. those chicken with peanut sauce looks so mouth watering.

  5. Meal planning! I love meal planning especially the easy ones. I’m bookmarking this and will print it later. :-)

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