The 25+ Best Tips That Made Our Legoland Trip a Success


We recently got back from a fantastic trip to San Diego (you can read all about our tips HERE) and one of the highlights for our kiddos (and actually, for us parents, too) was our time at Legoland! I really didn’t know what to expect from this place as I hadn’t heard of many of our friends going there before, but with a Lego-obsessed soon-to-be six-year-old, we deemed it a necessary part of the trip.

The kids ended up having such a good time that we went back for a second day! So, I thought I would share the tips and tricks we found to be helpful or fun while there with you all in case you plan to visit the land of Legos yourself.



1. Tickets– There are many ways to get Legoland tickets, but buying them full-price at the gate is not ideal. There are ways to save! Look into booking your vacation with Get Away Today. There aren’t many sites out there that offer legit discounted tickets, but this is one of them, and a good one at that. You can really save if you bundle your flight, hotel, and tickets, especially if you are wanting to stay on-site. AND, you can use discount code LITTLELOVES for an additional $10 off of your vacation package. You’re welcome!

Also, there are free kids’ coupons floating around out there! Keep your eye out for the Lego Magazine, on the back of small packages of Legos, and inside larger boxes of Legos as well.

2. Hotel- While we didn’t stay here since we were spending the majority of our time in San Diego, I have been told the Legoland Hotel is amazing! They really cater to the wants and needs of the little ones making it a super-fun stay. Plus, if you stay there you also get to enter the park an hour earlier than everyone else. But if staying in San Diego and looking for a rental, then I recommend THIS spot.

What to Pack

3. Extra clothes- Legoland has a few rides which guarantee you are going to get wet. So, pack extra clothes! Just put the extra clothes in a Ziplock bag so that when you are ready to use them you have a place to store the wet clothes as well. And if you can, I also recommend you pack your kiddos water shoes. The ride below absolutely drenched our whole crew. And the little ones LOVED IT! Now, had I known this before getting on, I may have also packed myself an extra pair of pants because it made for some soggy sitting for quite a while!


Our daughter was in heaven and rode this ride over and over and over again with her bud.


4. Don’t forget about the parents- Make sure you have either a poncho or something to cover your hair/head/body if you care to keep yourself somewhat intact! I also wished I had brought an extra pair of leggings to change into.


…Or else you may frizz like I did. Ha! Just call me Monica…


5. Wiki Stix! I just cannot stress how much I love these! They keep the littles busy in long lines and while waiting for food. And they are CHEAP!


6. Other items to pack– Sunscreen, mini first-aid kit, sunglasses, and plenty of snacks (you can bring your own snacks into the park, so take advantage of it!).

7. Fanny packs- Yep, you read that right. Get your kiddos a cheap fanny pack so they can carry their own sunglasses, snacks and minifigures. I cannot tell you how nice it was to have the kids carry their own things!

8. Stroller– If you have little ones under five, I would suggest bringing a stroller. It can be a lot of walking around the park, and their little feet get tired. Plus, it’s a great place to store all of your stuff.

9. Arrival time- Arrive 15 minutes before opening, and check opening and closing times prior to arrival. Because some of the popular rides can have longer wait times, you want to take advantage and get there early for once the afternoon hits, the lines tended to get a little longer while we were there.

10. Direction– Once inside the park there are two ways you can go, left or right. Go left if you have younger kids, and go right if you have older kids toward the bigger rollercoasters and Star Wars area.

11. Free buttons- If it’s your first time at Legoland or if it’s your birthday, hit up Guest Relations for a free button!

12. Lego Minifigure trading- This was an absolute highlight for our kiddos! Buy cheap Lego minifigures HERE (You can get 20 for as cheap as $10!) and you can trade them with any employee in the park who has them attached to their name badge. My kids LOVED this and went home with some really nice minifigures.


13. Lego characters– There are a handful of Lego characters floating around the park, so make sure you’ve got your camera ready.


14. Photo Pass-Or, you can buy a Magic Memories photo pass and get all of your photos at the end of the day. Legoland has photographers throughout the park ready to take your photo, and you can get all of the ones taken during the rides as well.

What to eat

15. The Garden Restaurant – If looking for healthier options like sandwiches and salads, this is a great little spot!

16. Kids Meals- I believe these were around $8, and I think worth the price! They came with a choice of burger, sandwich, or hot dog, chips, fruit and a drink and can be found at most of the restaurants.



17. Apple Fries- We didn’t end up getting these, but hear they are quite amazing.

18. Churros con Chocolate- THESE ARE EVERYTHING. If you buy one thing to eat while in the park, let it be these Churros con Chocolate. I cannot even begin to describe how good these are. WAY better than any other churro I have ever had. And don’t be fooled! They also sell the same churros you can get at Disneyland. No. Oh, no. These are 10x better. Get the Churros con Chocolate.


19.  Create Your Own Lego Minifigure – Inside the Lego Life Zone is a bin of tons and tons of Lego minifigure body parts that you can use to create your own minifigure. We didn’t end up buying our kiddos’ end results since they had so many from trading, but they enjoyed playing with the pieces. And on the other side of the building are cellphone charging stations for parents and areas for kiddos to build, build, build.


20. Learn How They’re Made- If wanting a little down or quiet time, head on over to the Lego Factory Tour where you can learn all about how Legos are made.


21. Drivers Licenses – Our kiddos are six and eight, and they thought these were pretty amazing. Right before you enter the Driving School area, someone takes your photo in the event you want to buy one of these driver’s licenses. It was one of their prized possessions!



Activities without lines

22. Castle Hill- Our kids could have spent half the day in here. With so many things to climb and slide down, and with plenty of shaded seating for parents, this was a great little spot to relax and enjoy.


23. There are also various spots throughout the park with little activities for kids to do that don’t have a line like these “Kai’s Spinners” and rock walls.


24. Ball-blaster zone (I am not sure its official name) Another spot our kids could have spent multiple hours in. With balls being shot all around, this was a fun, but loud, area.


25. Lego stations- Throughout the park are these lego stations where kids can go in and just build. They also have these for kids to do while waiting in long lines which I think is just brilliant.




26- Souvenirs- There are tons of little opportunities to buy souvenirs and Lego-themed everythings, but our favorite was The Big Shop located right by the front gates. It just has everything in it under one roof and made it easy for us to get in and out of right at the end of our trip.

27-  Aquarium- Any Legoland ticket can be upgraded to include entry into the SEA LIFE aquarium which we have heard is pretty cool! Interactive activities and up-close encounters with sharks, sting rays, and starfish. We didn’t end up doing this, though, as our kids were ALL IN for just the Legoland portion.

28- Waterpark – If you’ve got an extra day, the waterpark also looked pretty impressive! Since we have a great waterpark at home, we decided not to even mention this to our kids, but if you’ve got some time to kill I think it would be a fun activity.

To see the first part of our travels and for my top tips in San Diego, go HERE!

I hope you found these tips helpful and that you enjoy your time at Legoland! If you come across any more worthwhile tips, please let me know and I will share!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I’ve never been to Legoland. My daughter is all grown up now but, now I kinda wanna go anyway!

  2. We’ve been wanting to go for a couple years. This will help a lot!

  3. Great tips! It’s always nice to know where to go and what to expect for places like this. I could see my older niece and nephew LOVING this place. Oh gosh…now I want those churros. Yum.


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