My Top 5 Favorite Home Essentials

Maintaining the inside of our home is primarily my job and it is something I take pride in. That being said, is it always perfectly clean? No. Is it always tidy? Definitely not. But, I do try! And these things below either make my job SO much easier or bring me joy, thus making the task much nicer for me. So, I thought I would share!

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  1. Roomba– I cannot state enough how much this thing is a game changer for me. I was so against getting one of these at first as I thought it was just another “toy” my husband wanted to get, the price was too high, and I didn’t think it would actually work. Well, my friends, I am here to tell you today that it DOES! Perfectly every time? No. But pretty dang close! We set the thing to start when we leave the house and it is done when we return. And it is FULL every single day. I don’t get it! Eew. My husband researched the heck out of these things before buying one. In fact, we actually bought a different one before we ended up with this one. The price will probably make you faint like it did for me, but after using it for quite a few months, I would buy it all over again. I can’t speak for how well the other models work as we have only used this one, but it leaves beautiful lines on my carpet, we can start it remotely from our phones, and we have it programmed to start after we leave the house so we don’t have to listen to the noise. It also came with two “blockers” that allows us to prevent it from entering certain areas if we would like. We have the Roomba 980, but I am sure others work well, too! Go HERE for a bunch of options.

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2. Towel Rack I never realized how much I dislike hanging towels on a towel bar until we didn’t have one anymore! I got these hooks at Farm Chicks last year after our towel bar took a dive for the floor, and I have realized I absolutely love hanging our towels this way! For similar racks, go HERE.


3. Laundry Cart This thing mostly just brings me joy! I love the look of it, but it’s also functional, too. I roll it out to wherever I want to fold laundry, and I can also detach the basket part to carry upstairs to put the clean laundry away. It lives in our laundry room and that is where the majority of the kids’ laundry gets put after they wear it. You can find it HERE.



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4. Pantry Baskets– My pantry used to be a PIT! An absolute pit. Until, I gave it a good cleaning and got THESE baskets to help organize everything. The chalkboard labels on the front allow our family to find things easier and to know where to put things away. Plus, the liners are removable for easy washing. And, they’re cheap!



pantry baskets


5. Hidden “Command Center”– Recently I turned to my Instagram friends and asked for help on how to organize and deal with all of the “counter crap.” You know what I am talking about, right? All that paper. The pens. The scissors, the tape, the stamps, the… everything. Some of my wonderful pals gave me some great suggestions, and I’ve got to say, I am SO much happier with a tidy area! HERE are the trays I bought to organize the drawers. The folders on the side hold the kids’ homework and papers that need my attention soon.


And the rest of the papers I keep organized in this three-ring binder that I keep in this cabinet.


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And there you have it; the top household things in my life that help keep me sane/organized/at peace. What items do you like for household chores or organization? I am always open to new ideas!

Thanks for coming by.


  1. Love your choice! I would love to have the same towel rack. :-)

  2. I’ve never even heard of a Roomba but it sounds interesting. I wonder if it’s an American thing! Beautiful family btw!

    • Haha I am sure it is! It’s basically a vacuum robot! Cleans those carpets for you! And thank you so very much!

  3. Your pantry baskets are absolute kitchen goals! Personally I love putting my flours and pulses into glass jars with chalkboard labels – it really helps keep the cupboard organised!

    • They are cheap! I love them so much! And yes, glass jars make those items so gorgeous!! Maybe someday for me!

  4. Digging that laundry cart! So stylish and functional!

  5. I would love to get a Roomba! I knew they were pricey, but I had no idea that went up that high! I love the towel rack and how organized your pantry is.

    • Oh they get ridiculously high! But man! I SO LOVE IT! And thank you so very much! Those items really help!

  6. Pantry baskets are a must! Thanks for sharing this post!

    – Skirmy

  7. Everything is so on point!!! I love your style and oh my gosh I want my pantry to look as organized as your pictures!!

    • Gosh you are just a total spirit-lifter, aren’t you! Thank you so much! These items really are game-changers for me!

  8. I love your pantry baskets, so pretty. The roomba price still makes me hyperventilate and makes me not even consider it. I guess I will need to do lots of research too and just bite the bullet and get one.

  9. i really want towel hooks now! I hate my towel bar! And, I wish I had your pantry! I love the baskets!

    • It seriously is SO MUCH BETTER than a towel bar! I LOVE the rack! And thank you so much! The baskets help so much!

  10. Oh, I’m definitely going to have to get one of those Roombas. I’ve heard good things about them. Thank you for sharing these.

  11. Love all of these! That laundry cart is awesome. The roomba sounds GREAT, but my dog would be way too freaked by it. haha That’s cool you can start it remotely from your phone.


  12. Your home is absolutely beautiful. I wish mine looked like that!

  13. Oh, I’d love to organize my pantry with some baskets. Such a good idea.

  14. Your pantry baskets are so cute and would be so helpful to keep things sorted and organized. Such great tips!

  15. I definitely need a laundry cart. I have a cheap laundry basket-like thing from Ikea, it keeps falling apart. It would be helpful to just have a cart to roll between the bedroom and laundry room instead of transferring between different baskets. Great post!

    – Tia |

  16. I love your pantry baskets and I have seen the Roomba but I didn’t know it was called that till now, haha.

  17. The baskets… ALL the baskets! They come in so handy for so many things, including the pantry. I love it!

  18. Oh man, I hated my ROOMBA – it always gravitated towards the WIRES on my floor and ate them – so I sold it. It’s funny though cause my husband thought it was the dumbest contraption, but I obsessed about it for awhile until he got it for me for XMAS – and um, then I was proved wrong… And he was right, that it sucked LOL!

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