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Since becoming a mom, taking care of myself has taken a little bit of a back seat; understandably. I just don’t have the time/energy at the moment to do some of the things that I used to do when it was only myself that I needed to care for.

It was only a handful of years ago while so engulfed in all that was motherhood that I first discovered getting my hair done to be a mental break. It was a time for me to relax, not be needed and just SIT. And sometimes I was so tired I almost even fell asleep in that chair.

Fast-forward a few years and my getaway to the salon has taken a bit of a higher priority because I have learned that taking care of and actually doing things solely for myself leaves me feeling much better not only in that moment but just in general as well.

I have been seeing Megan at Luxe. Salon and Spa for a few years now, and she not only does a fantastic job at doing my hair, but she has always been so personable and sweet that she has become a friend, too.


So, not only do I get to go get my hair done and take a break for a couple of hours, but I get to visit with my friend as well. Such a win!

And with still having young kids in the house, my time at the salon does need to be timely. Megan is able to get me in and out of there in two hours, which is about an hour shorter than I’ve ever had my hair finished which is just so convenient for our family.

I started seeing Megan when she worked out of the salon she built inside of her home, but she recently followed her dreams and has created the. most. beautiful. salon I have ever stepped into, Luxe. Salon and Spa. 

A known shiplap-lover, it was no surprise I was over-the-moon to be greeted by such a beautifully ship-lapped front desk upon entering her new salon.



With an eye for design, Megan has so perfectly decorated her new salon with the farmhouse touches that completely resonate with my own style, yet she has also incorporated a dreamy glam-chic feel tying it all together. It has quickly become a place that feels like more than just a place to get my hair done.


In fact, I think I would like to rent a room downstairs and just stay a while!


One thing I definitely appreciate in a place of service is the attention to detail. From comfortable seating, to a clean and tidy space, to the warmth of greenery, every detail matters.


And you had better believe I noticed these gorgeous custom shelves filled with just about every product you could ever want.


It was this room that really caught my eye with her gorgeous display, cozy fireplace, and generous beverage station. It is apparent it is important to Megan to make every guest feel as comfortable as possible while under her care, and I think she has nailed it.


I am such a sucker for a themed display!


And she is already ready for Easter!


I also so appreciate that she has readily available Wifi for her guests! I have definitely been caught without it while sitting under the dryer in the past and have been quite bored, and I love that I can scroll mindlessly while in her salon.



Luxe is not just a place to get your hair done, but downstairs many more services are offered as well! Megan has hired a full-service team to meet every salon need one may have so that it can be a one-stop-shop, and for us busy people this is a huge advantage!

Whether it’s lashes, nails, Botox or spray tans, the downstairs of Luxe. Salon and Spa has it all.


And no need to run back upstairs to fill your coffee cup or water glass as she’s got a full station downstairs as well.


Each new room has its own special touches and as a person who notices it all, I NOTICED IT ALL!





And MAN! She just knows me, and probably many other women as well, in that I am a sucker for a treat, and these were calling my name, perfectly completing my experience at Luxe.


Megan has done such an incredible job in going after her dreams and creating not only a top salon in Spokane, but she has created an entire experience. And just to show you a glimpse of the process she went through in creating her salon, here are a few before pictures:




Truly, such an accomplishment!


image1 (2)

Check out their website HERE for all info, and to see the new things happening at the salon, current discounts and promotions, and to see some behind-the-scenes with the Luxe Ladies, visit Luxe’s Facebook page HERE and Instagram account HERE.

I am a Luxe for Life girl!


  1. What a cute salon! I have a similar relationship with my stylist. It’s nice to catch up with her for a couple hours while I’m getting my hair refreshed!

  2. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Oh wow, the transformation is beautiful. It looks so relaxing – I love that!


  4. Such a beautiful salon. It looks like paradise for a woman who needs a little pampering!

  5. I love that you are taking the time to take care of yourself. You certainly picked a cute place to do it.

  6. Looks like a super fun place to relax and have some time for yourself.

  7. i don’t think our self care should ever take a backseat–so glad you found an awesome place to get some. cute place!

  8. wow this place is stunning! Self care is so important!

  9. Now THAT’S my kind of place! I think all moms struggle with a little “me” time. I know I do!

  10. Now THAT’S my kind of place! I think all moms struggle with a little “me” time. I know I do!

  11. It’ looks sooo pretty AND relaxing. Haughty….

  12. Luxe indeed! And girl…you have a beautiful website design! Love it!

  13. Wow this place is gorgeous! Being a mom, taking care of myself goes on the back burner and doing things like getting my nails done or getting my hair done makes me feel like I can handle this mom thing. Take care of yourself mama!


  14. This is an absolutely incredibly beautiful salon!! I need to find something as beautiful where I live!

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