Battery and Remote-Operated Light Trick

Hello, my friends!

I recently learned a new light trick from Brooke at Nesting with Grace, and I just had to pass along the goodness.

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I HAD to! It’s too good not to.

We all know hardwiring lighting is a real pain, especially when there isn’t any wiring in the wall to begin with, leaving lighting options a bit limited… normally.

But, with just a little battery and remote-operated light, the options suddenly become much greater.


The spaces above our windows have always been oddly large and I have slowly been trying to find ways to make them look more proportionate.


We started by putting these blinds over the window and hung them much higher than the actual window to make it appear longer, and then we added some curtains to make the windows appear wider.


I always wished we had put the curtains a little bit higher as there was still a bigger space I didn’t like until I came across the light trick. Now I am glad we didn’t!

I bought two sconces for a screaming deal (here) and then bought a three-pack of hockey-puck lights (the smaller kind, here) and that is all I needed. Update- The sconces appear to be sold out at the moment, but a similar sconce can be found HERE.








These particular sconces were plug-ins, but being above windows I couldn’t have the cords hanging down, so my husband cut the wire in the back and then I simply attached the light to where the light bulb would normally be with the double-sided sticky circle the lights came with.

(Photo showing puck light attached to where the bulb would normally go)

image4 copy


Then, we hung the lights and were done! The remote turns them on and off, and you can also push the center of the light to turn them on as well (like a button).


The lights give off a nice, subtle glow, so if you are looking for a bright light to light up an entire room, this isn’t what you are looking for. But man, it sure was easy and I personally love the look!

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What do you think? Would you try this in your own home?

(If you want to see the lights in action you can check out my saved Instagram stories. If you end up doing this, please show me and tag Nesting With Grace in your photos! We would love to see!


  1. How nice home decor and photos, so light apartment. I like the colors on your decor. :)

  2. This is such a cool trick! I want to try it!

  3. These lights are super cute and bring a lot of character to the room! Great job being innovative and finding a way to make them work since you couldn’t run wires :)

  4. This all looks great. I am all about great ideas to bring my home to a most awesome level.

  5. Omg.. this is genius! Love those sconces!

  6. This looks amazing! I love all the natural light in your home and this was a great accent to your decor!

  7. What a great idea! I’ve been wanting to do similar on the sides of my bed but I don’t have outlets near my bed. I will have to try this!

  8. This is a great trick! I have a space this might be perfect for.

  9. What a difference the way the windows look by widening them with curtains and making them look taller with blinds! I love it! I would try the lighting trick in my house. I just have to figure out which room…

    • YEs! They were so awkward to begin with, this really helped!! Thank you! I think I think I want to do this in other rooms, too. Okay, I take that back, I know I do!

  10. Wow. What a difference all that made. Can you please come decorate my house? I suck at it. Such great tips about the light. I never even thought about using the battery operator lights.

  11. What a great trick! I love this…

  12. What great lighting ideas! We too have oversized floor to ceiling windows on the whole backside of our home. Because we have such a private backyard, I decided to not use drapes or any type of window covering on them and just let all that gorgeous light stream in! I absolutely love your decorating style and home decor.

    • Thank you so much, Denay! So kind of you to say! YES! Let that light SHINE!!! I love natural light! GET IN MY HOUSE!

  13. Ruth Ridley says:

    I would never think to put a light there! Such a cool space!!

  14. I Just have to say…your home is ADORABLE!!! Great lighting idea too

  15. This is SUCH a great idea! Perfect way to add more lighting! It looks great too!

  16. Ok, that is such a cool trick!! Now, I want to do something similar in our home!

    xo, Laura

  17. What a cool idea. Thanks for sharing!!!

  18. I love it! What an awesome thing to have!

  19. Ooh this looks great. What an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing.

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