Menu Planning Monday #124

Welcome to another Menu Planning Monday! Here I try to plan out healthy, EASY meals that will get me in and out of that kitchen as quickly as possible while still keeping our palettes satisfied.

This week I get to go be with my family and home-town friends! I am beyond excited about this. So, I won’t be cooking much this week, but thought I would leave you with a few tried-and-true recipes to get you by!

Slow Cooker Jalapeno Popper Chicken Taquitos 

These are really good! I use light cream cheese or the Greek cream cheese, mozzarella, wheat tortillas, and I keep anything hot out of it.

Creme De La Crumb


Million Dollar Spaghetti

I made this a long time ago and we all loved it! I completely forgot about it, but want to make it very soon! I do remember I used nonfat cottage cheese, reduced fat cream cheese and Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.



Kielbasa, Pepper, Onion, and Potato Hash 

This is one of my favorites! I use sweet potatoes and roast them in the oven and then add them in the end.

The Two Bite Club

kielbasa-hash-edit (1)

I hope you all have a fabulous week!


  1. Oh that spaghetti looks so good!

  2. I need to start meal planning. It’s always throwthis and that together…usually chicken nuggets and hot dogs! I’m glad I found your blog!

  3. Taquitos are my fav, and you can never go wrong with spaghetti! Looks like a great plan!

  4. All of the dishes looked so good! I think the one that I really want to try is the Kielbasa, Pepper, Onion, and Potato Hash.

  5. Great choices! The taquitos sound amazing! Also loving the Kielbasa dish looks amazing!

  6. Thanks for sharing – I really need to meal plan/prep better now that it’s a new year. :)

  7. That looks I delicious! Just made tomorrow’s meal list now:)

  8. I always have lots of onions, peppers and potatoes on hand so that kielbasa hash seems like a perfect fit! And so easy too!

  9. Mmm…those jalapeno popper chicken taquitos look divine! They’re not only great for dinner, but a fantastic appetizer for Game Day too. Shannon, your meal plans never disappoint. Thanks so much for rounding up the best recipes ever!

  10. We are also meal planning and it’s our resolution to only eat out once per week. LOL so far, it’s been easy, but talk to me in February :)

  11. That hash looks awesome! I wanna try it!

  12. OMG those taquitos look AMAZING!!! Def need to try them!!!

  13. I believe I have had that spaghetti before but not for quite some time think its time to try it again

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