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Hello, and happy New Year! If you were given any gift cards or spending money this past holiday season and aren’t quite sure what to do with it, I’ve got a few ideas for you!

Ha! Okay. These have been on MY wishlist and because my birthday and Christmas fall within two weeks of each other, I was gifted a little spending money and am deciding just how to get the most out of it, but thought I would share in case any of these interest you as well.

Modern Stair Rail 

I have been wanting to update our stair rail for quite some time now, and it’s more recently jumped to the top of my to-do/want/wish list. I haven’t quite researched how to do this. Anyone know? Is there a kit? Do I have to contact someone to custom make this?

Husband… #hinthinthint


Dip-Dyed Stools

I have had my eye on these stools for MONTHS now. I check back often, hoping for them to go on sale. A girl can hope, right?! I LOVE THESE!


Open Hoodie

I loved this when it was full-price, but could never quite make it happen. Well, now it’s 60% off the SALE price! Is it time to finally pull the trigger?!

open hoodie

Fleece Jacket

You know when you wait too long for something and it is sold out? That happens to be often. They do have this jacket in-stock in a pullover… which is tempting…


Faux Leather Leggings

People are claiming these to be so, so flattering. And I love the leather-look!



I saw these on someone recently, and they seemed to fit so well. And look extremely cozy, too.



I have one of these and it is SO cute! Because the sides go up high, the flower-looking part peeks out under shirts for a fun detail.



I have seen this top on a couple of people and it just fits SO well. Long enough in back for leggings, a little knot up front and with the bralette above you’ve got a winning combo. Comes in multiple colors, too. Pants recommended. 😉


Macrame Indoor/Outdoor Pillow

I have been wanting some new throw pillows for our bed, and I think these are the ones I am going to get. I love pillows with a lot of texture, and these seem so versatile and can be used practically anywhere.


Paint-Dipped Basket

I love cute pieces that are actually functional, and these baskets come in three sizes. I may have just gotten a couple because they are SO cheap! Perfect for plants, toys, snow clothes, or pretty much anything needing storage.



I don’t even remember the last time I wore jeans because I just cannot find a pair that fit me well. So, I normally wear leggings. But, my friend recently told me these are amazing. She said they fit so well all around and still feel like you’re wearing jeans but have the legging stretch. So, I am intrigued!


And there you have it. Everything I have had my eye on. Now…. what to do?!


  1. Some sexy articles for the woman next to you, and obviously gorgeous things to redecorate your home!

  2. I am obsessed with the hoodie and the jacket!

  3. If you’re handy you can definitely do your own stair rail. We did ours and it wasn’t very complicated. The fleece jacket and leggings are super cute. You should def get them. The paint dipped baskets look like you could do a lot with them.

  4. Loving the paint dipped look with the baskets and the stools! And that open hoodie looks amazing.


  5. Those stools are really cute. I wonder if you could DIY them with similar stools for a lot less!

    • That’s kind-of what I have been holding out for, but I can’t find cute, affordable stools to do this with! I found some little ones at TJMaxx, but they were $40…. by the tiem you get the paint it’s as much as the small one on the site. HMM!

  6. Great Ideas! I love the stools.

  7. Those stools are so cute! I would love a set.

  8. Go for the faux leather leggings!! I have some, and I absolutely adore them!! And I’m no skinny Minnie. They really are flattering.
    I need those dip dyed stools, they’d be great in my kitchen. Thanks for a great list!!

  9. Love the stair rail! So gorgeous.

  10. Love those faux leather leggings and that stair rail!

  11. That fleece jacket looks like one that I have and it’s AMAZING!!!

  12. The macrame pillow is my favoirte!!! ahh now i want one. 😀

  13. I lovvvve that stair rail! And that bookcase as a contrast to the white walls!!!! In love!

  14. That pillow is so pretty!

  15. Love the pillow and crazy about those stools! So chic and bright!

  16. OK, those stools!! So cute. I’ve been loving having my plants in baskets too, it’s gives such nice texture to your home!

  17. Very nice. These stools are really cute.

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