DIY Hot Cocoa Reindeer


Last weekend the older kids and I did a little Christmas craft that I actually thought turned out VERY cute! I thought these would make great little gifts the kids could give out and even enjoy with their cousins over Christmas. They are super easy to make and below is how we did it.


Piping bags (found at Walmart or any craft store- I bought a package of 12)

Hot cocoa ( I liked using the pre-measured packets)

One small bag of mini mallows

Brown pipe cleaner

Googly eyes

Small red pom poms

Craft glue



**The piping bags I bought were rather large, so I cut off the top third on each one giving us the perfect size for this project.

1. Empty one packet or serving size of cocoa powder into the bottom of the icing bag and then top with 1/3 cup of mini marshmallows.

2. Twist the bag closed so as to secure all ingredients in place. Then, twist the middle of one pipe cleaner around the twisted area about three times to make sure it’s tightly sealed leaving two long pieces on each side of the top. Shape the two ends to look like antlers.

3. Using the Craft Glue, glue on the eyes and then the red pom nose toward the bottom of the bag.

That’s it!

The kids really enjoyed making these and actually requested we make more.




  1. Aw, these are too cute. They’d be really fun party favors or co-worker gifts too!


  2. These are so cute! What a great idea!

  3. Looks really cool, I’ll have to try this with the gf sometime. Thanks!

  4. this was amazing. Love the idea.

  5. Such a lovely idea!! I love giving DIY gifts and that would be the perfect one for my friends because who doesn’t like a nice cup of cocoa? <3

  6. This is such a fun idea! Very cute :)

  7. I love it! Cocoa reindeer! Such a great way to spend time together as a family and with the kids. And the kids can make cocoa with it afterward if they want. Thank you!

  8. Woooow! So cuteeee! Great idea!

  9. So Cute
    Good Art

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