Best in Show Christmas Lights Award 2017 (+Free Printable)

For the past several years it has been our favorite family Christmas tradition to get in our jammies, load up with hot cocoa and drive around looking at Christmas lights. And what makes it extra special and fun is that while doing so, we hand out an award to our favorite house.

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Friends, this is one of those heartfelt, full of Christmas spirit moments that will leave you with ALL the warm fuzzies.

Whoever ends up receiving our award is so touched that I swear I see tears in their eyes.

It obviously takes a lot of effort to decorate a home in such a festive way that being acknowledged for it, especially when not expecting it at all, is such a treat.

So! If you would like to do the same when out looking at lights, you can download our printable

HERE —–> Best in Show House Award 2017

We took our lights-viewing excursion this year on Saturday night and it was definitely another favorite Christmas memory.





Gwyn packed everyone a little snack pack and we were on our way.


We handed out two awards this year with each big kid getting to choose their favorite.

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Again, for some reason a little slip of paper makes this just that much more fun. This year we also gave cute little cookie-filled goody bags to our winners, but as we were handing them over I was second-guessing this gesture. I mean, we are strangers to them… Not sure I would eat cookies from a stranger! But really, though… look at those cute faces. Nothing but love and holiday spirit coming from this crew!

p.s.- If you happen to recognize the houses in these photos and know the owners, please let them know you trust the baker behind the cookies! That is… if you do…. 😉

Merry Christmas! And here is the free printable once again:

Best in Show House Award 2017


  1. Aww how fun! What a great idea!

  2. I want the cookies. I bet they are yummy.

  3. This is so precious – I absolutely LOVE this idea!! Than
    No you for sharing your family tradition so we can all start our own Christmas tradition now as well!

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