Baby Franklin Turns Two

Our little boy is TWO today!


Gosh, isn’t he cute?!


This little man was once a decision we weren’t sure about. But, goodness, I couldn’t be more thankful we added him to our family. He is the perfect completion.


His big brother and sister just adore him. They want to hold his hand everywhere he goes, pick him up, show him how to do things, etc. It’s pretty amazing. Except when it’s not. He doesn’t always want to be hoisted up by one of them. Understandable.


For his birthday this year, we decided to go down to the local pizza joint and celebrate with family. It. was. perfect. We ended up celebrating on a Friday night and it could not have worked out any better. This popular pizza joint is like a mini Chuck E. Cheese with games and a ball pit and is normally quite busy, but apparently not on Friday evenings! Other than one other family, we were the ONLY ONES IN THERE.


It was pure bliss. AND, we happened to order the food and drinks before 4:00, and it was all half off! SO WINNING AT LIFE.


All of the cousins had the best time playing with each other, it was low-key, it was easy to keep our eyes on the kids, it wasn’t loud, the food came out quickly, it was cheap, and on and on.


Friends, if you are in the area and looking for a place to have your kids’ birthday party, I highly recommend Five Mile Heights Pizza on a Friday night!


Now, a little about our big two-year-old. He talks more than any other newly two-year-old that I have ever heard. It blows my mind. He expresses his own thoughts, sings along to songs, lets you know what he does, and certainly doesn’t want, and so on. It’s pretty cool to listen to.image7


He’s starting to become pickier when it comes to foods, which is sort-of annoying, but I still serve him what we all eat and am hoping he will just start eating more of it someday. Some of his favorites include cheese, granola bars, turkey, green beans, apples, grapes, pb and honey sandwiches, waffles, spaghetti…


He wears size 3t clothing, size 6 shoe and is in a size 6 diaper.


He LOVES being outside, and recently discovered a great love for the snow. He also love, love, loves baths and bee-lines it for the tub while stripping down at any mention of a bath. He is a fan of Mickey Mouse and Paw Patrol as well.

image1 copy

He is unfortunately still obsessed with dogs and I am receiving MAJOR pressure around here to get a dog.  I am holding my ground, though, because I am just not ready.


His nicknames include Frankie, Frankie Mo, Frankaburger, Frankie Baby, Franko, and King Kranklin.

Happy birthday, sweet baby. We LOVE being your parents and watching you navigate this world.




  1. Congratulations! You had a right idea to celebrate in a cafe, rather than at home. Our little girl turned 5 last week and we had a party on Saturday with 7 of her friends. I have to say, I wish I insisted on doing it somewhere else, but my husband said it’ll be more “personal” if we’ll do it at home… needless to say I found it a tad stressful, but we survived :). Definitely a cafe next year!

    • I definitely see the positives and negatives for celebrating both in and out of the home- and this time it just worked better for us to celebrate outside the home! And thank you very much!

  2. He is adorable and your family is beautiful! Glad you all had such a fun celebration!

    xo, Jessy |

  3. You have a beautiful family. cherish all these moments, Franklin will grow up and out so fast– too fast.

  4. He’s so adorable! Looks like he had fun on his birthday!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  5. Aw, what a cutie! Happy birthday to your little guy. That’s great he loves baths so much!

    The birthday location sounds perfect!!


  6. Happy birthday to such a handsome little man!! he is so charismatic.

  7. The traveller says:

    A big birthday greeting to the little champ. A great idea of making the day special. Some nice pointers. Thanks and ha Eva great one

  8. Congrats to your boy and to you for having such an amazing family!


  9. This seems to be one awesome birthday party. IT’s great to see kiddos enjoy themselves

  10. Wow all the pics are very beautiful hope you guys enjoyed and had fun in the birthday party

  11. Awwwww, he is so cute! You have a such a adorable family.

  12. he is too cute congrats !!

  13. Indeed! It’s way more easier for moms to celebrate out of home. He is so adorable and your family is beautiful! Glad you all had such a fun celebration!

  14. Indeed! It’s way more easier for moms to celebrate out of home. Your son is so adorable and your family is beautiful too! I am glad you all had such a fun celebration!

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