Menu Planning Monday #110

Welcome to another Menu Planning Monday! Here I try to plan out healthy, EASY meals that will get me in and out of that kitchen as quickly as possible while still keeping our palettes satisfied.

Fall is officially here, and so are all the goodies that come with it, like cooler weather and unfortunately, a cold. Some good comfort food is needed around here and these recipes are sure to please.


Turkey Pot Pie Soup

I used to eat SO many Chicken Pot Pies as a kid. I LOVED them. I still do! So this is soooo calling my name.

UPDATE- I made this tonight with the coconut cream and am not a fan. It was smelling SO good before I added the coconut cream and I think would be delicious with the real cream. I would also double this recipe.

Ancestral Nutrition



Butternut Sausage Bake with Kale Tomato Cream 

This just screams Fall.

Paleo Running Momma



Date night! = Grilled cheese and tomato soup for the kiddos


Mexican Chicken, Sweet Potato and Black Bean Skillet

We all really enjoyed this the last time I made it. Time for a repeat! Note-if you have littles sensitive to spice, leave out the chili powder  and maybe even the green chilis. :)

Also note-read the part about the sweet potatoes before you begin as they need extra time. I now just roast them in the oven for about 35-40 mins on 400 and that takes care of that!

Recipe Runner



I am sure pizza will be involved…



  1. These meals look good. I love planning the weekly meals.

  2. I am sitting her planning our dinners for the month of October. This is quite helpful. Thanks.

  3. All of these look so good and perfect for fall! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow – what a great menu for the week. They all sound delicious, especially that soup. I love pot pie too, I’ve never had pot pie soup before.

  5. That pot pie soup looks SO good! Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Thanks so much for the dinner ideas! These all look so delicious and cozy for fall!

  7. Yum! Chicken pot pie soup sounds delicious! Your kids are lucky to have such yummy, home-cooked meals!

  8. These recipes all look really good! I’m saving all of them to try soon!

  9. These look so delicious and beautiful, making me hungry.

  10. Winners, as usual! I love chicken pot pie, too, so I’m definitely trying this soup!

  11. Going to try the grilled cheese and tomato soup with my toddler. He loves soup :) I am also a big fan of pot pies and am looking forward to the recipe you started out with.

  12. Those look amazing! I really need to get better at meal planning.

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