How to Make a Window Appear Bigger

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We bought our home about four years ago and while I love so many things about it, one thing that always bothered me are the windows in the living room. There’s just a lot of dead space above them; why not utilize the taller ceilings by letting in more light with bigger windows?!

While I can’t change the windows as easily as I would like, I knew I could make them appear bigger by doing a couple of simple things.

First, I bought THESE bamboo shades from Lowes that were only about $18 a piece. (Similar ones HERE as well.) My windows are 34.5″ wide and these are 36″ wide, so I knew that by hanging them OVER  and ABOVE my windows, instead of buying some that fit inside the window, I would be creating the illusion of a taller window since the top of the window would be covered. So, just make sure what you buy is wider than the window itself. I hung them nearly a foot higher than the window, for reference.


Next, I hung curtains over the bamboo shades to give the illusion of wider windows. And actually, when I get the time, I would like to hang the curtains even higher. My measurements were a little off and I actually can take them up a couple of inches higher. Like they say, measure twice!


There’s that dead space again….

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Much better!

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  1. Love it! Such a great idea and looks beautiful. You have great taste, love your decor!

  2. I love this idea. Looks amazing!

  3. You really worked your space! It really opens up the room and makes it very chic.

  4. Wow it really does look so much bigger, which is crazy because you’d think adding blinds/curtains would make it look smaller. Great tips!

  5. These are great ideas! I love how easily you can make the windows look larger.


  6. This is brilliant! Totally trying this in our new house!

  7. It’s crazy how adding can make a space look bigger. I am so impressed by people with that gift of decor!

  8. I seriously need to do this in my house. My issue is that my house was built in 1890, and has beautiful window trim, so I’m afraid to cover it up. I keep telling myself that two sides can still be seen if I do it right…I don’t know, I just know that you did it really well!

    • Gosh, that IS a dilemma! But, like you said, one side could definitely still be exposed! I say, go for it! And thank you so much!!

  9. Looks great !!!!

  10. That’s a really great trick (and they look fab)! I will keep this in mind when I redo my bedroom window treatments!

  11. WOW THAT MADE SUCH A DIFFERENCE! I had no idea you could trick the minds eye like that. I love it!

  12. Given that I recently got rid of all my window coverings on the first floor of my home. It is now time to figure out what will be going up. Your timing is quite good. I can do the sheer on the one window but on the others I think that I will just do bamboo.

  13. I love love love the idea of making windows look bigger. I live in a small (but cute) apartment! I always look for ideas to make the room look bigger! Bamboo shades are a total win! I have to see if I can find them and see how they look against the color scheme of my living room!

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