Our Front Porch

My husband and I have decided to focus on the outside of our home this summer and create spaces we want to spend more time in. I started by decorating our front porch, which was something I had been wanting to do since we moved in but it had taken a back seat to several indoor projects. But with the sun finally shining, it seemed like the right time to tackle it.

I’ve always loved the idea of decorating porches but the two houses before our home now didn’t have one, so it has been fun finally having a little space to work and play with.


I will admit, when I came home with the dresser and hauled it onto the porch with the help of my daughter, my husband gave me the side-eye when he saw it. He couldn’t wrap his mind around having a dresser on our porch, but I insisted I knew what I was doing and that eventually he’d like it… and I was RIGHT! He goes out there and sits all the time! It just feels cozy. :)

I found the planter, dresser, iron gate, black frame, ceramic pot and black side table (pictured further below) at a local show called Farm Chicks. Because I went the last day of the show, I was able to score amazing deals on these items!


The Adirondack chairs and the white Pottery Barn stool were found on Craigslist. The dough bowl is from TJ Maxx, the pillows are from Ikea and the hanging plant, cotton stems, moss balls and green plant are from Hobby Lobby.





I found the vintage flag at a local shop, loved its character and couldn’t stop wondering what the story was behind it.


To recreate this look I have linked the exact or similar items below.

White Adirondack chairs- Similar ones HERE

Dresser- Similar style HERE

Black Metal Gate- Similar style HERE

Black Vintage Picture Frame- Similar (cardboard) style HERE

Hanging plant- Similar options HERE

Ceramic Stool- Similar style HERE

Dough Bowl- Similar one HERE

Small White Lantern- Similar styles HERE

Moss balls- Found HERE

Pillows- found HERE but if not near an Ikea found HERE 

Black Metal Side Table- Similar style HERE

Vintage Flag- Similar one HERE

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  1. Serious porch goals!! And how lucky are you to have found those PB chairs on Craigslist!!?? Love it, and so glad I found your blog!

  2. Absolutely love this space! So many people let their front porch go to waste when there’s so much potential. Love how you’ve done yours!

    • I am with ya! When I see empty porches with potential, I want to start decorating it for them! Thank you so much!

  3. So beautiful a place to spend time with family loved it

  4. Oh how I wish I had a front porch. I’m so obsessed with how this turned out. I love the idea of incorporating indoor furniture outdoors.

  5. This makes me miss having a porch! It looks so homey and comfortable! It’s a perfect place to hang out!

  6. I just LOVE this idea! I love when people take their home decor and create more livable spaces outside. I think the outside of homes get left behind so often. Your porch is seriously gorgeous.

  7. Your porch is so cute and look so cozy! I never would have thought to put a dresser out there, but it works so well! I love it. :)

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