Eight Sure is Great

Today marks our eighth wedding anniversary, and over the weekend we were able to get away by escaping to Whidbey Island, just the two of us. It’s important to us to prioritize time for just ourselves, so we always make it a point to do something special for our anniversary.

Whidbey Island is just north of Seattle, so it’s fairly close to where we live. But, to make it even easier, I found a smokin’ hot deal on flights a few weeks beforehand and we flew into Seattle to shorten the travel time and had lunch at our favorite spot before heading to the island. If you are in the area, Lola is a must! We thoroughly enjoy their food, especially the Chickpea fries and donuts.
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We then drove toward the ferry and learned a very valuable lesson when lining up to get on the ferry; line cutting is absolutely not tolerated! We had missed the sign to merge right to get into the ferry line, so we thought we could just wave down a nice driver and he’d let us on in.

Not the case! The guy told us to turn around and go back to the end of the line. Shamed, we obliged. While in line, though, we noticed this sign and got a good laugh out of it.

(877-761-HERO and the tape put over it says USN-ITCH)

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After about a twenty-thirty minute ferry ride we were on the other side and we stopped by our VRBO to freshen up and then did a bit of exploring before ending our night at the county fair. There’s something just so charming about small-town events and we soaked it all up.

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The next day we drove north exploring all of the cute little towns, perusing their shops, eating delicious seafood and then did a little hiking around Deception Pass, which is gorgeous! We were so wiped out from being in the sun all day that we ended our night at the VRBO watching Netflix, completely lounging and indulging on all of the snacks, treats, and drinks we bought earlier and loving every second of it.



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The next morning we fueled up in preparation for a long day on the water doing one of my favorite activities, fishing! While we only caught one salmon, we did manage to bring home some crabs making it a successful trip. Our buddy from college owns a very nice fishing boat and he was kind enough to drive it over to take us out for a day of fishing and we were so grateful. Thanks again, Bennett!


image16 image17

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We accidentally caught so many of these dang mini fish and threw them all back but had the worst luck catching anything bigger. But we sure did get a laugh out of it! I told my husband to hold the fish closer to the camera and it would look bigger. HA!

image14 image19

We ended the day downtown eating at a cute little spot overlooking the water before going home and crashing, hard.

Before heading home we grabbed brunch back in Seattle at a very trendy spot, Goodfellows, which was recommended to us by my friend, Sam. Delicious!


If you’re looking for a relaxing place with amazing seafood and are the adventurous type, I think Whidbey is a good fit! One thing we didn’t have time for, which I was hoping to do, was to rent mopeds to ride around the island. Next time!

While there we also heard great things about the San Juan islands; has anyone ever been?

All in all, a wonderful 8th anniversary with a wonderful man! Eight sure is great!

(My husband and I are currently working on re-doing our backyard deck, and last night while laying in bed he said, “Happy pre-anniversary. I’d marry you all over again. Never knew there would be so many projects, but I’d still marry you again knowing what I do now….)

We both got a good laugh out of that. :)




  1. Happy 8th. I think what your husband said is very sweet.

  2. What beautiful pictures, many congratulations on the wedding anniversary.
    I wish you the best of happiness

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