Baby Franklin Turns 18 Months

It’s been quite a while since I have done an update on our little babe, and I actually wasn’t planning on doing anything past one year, but since so many of you ask about him, I thought I’d just go ahead and fill your screens with a bunch of cuteness to brighten your day. :)

So, technically this post should be titled, “Toddler Franklin Turns 18 Months,” but I just don’t like the sound of that! HE IS MY BABY!

Let’s back up a little to the day my husband gave Franklin his first haircut, shortly after he turned a year old. Franklin had this amazing hair that stuck straight up, so when my husband wanted to cut it, we agreed he’d only trim it so it wasn’t looking so much like a mullet.

Well, one snip led to another and by accident, my baby’s hair was gone.

GONE. And being the super sentimental and still hormonal type, I lost my shit.

I really did. I sobbed and sobbed. And of course, my husband felt terrible.

image2 image3 image4

Now don’t feel too bad for him, my friends… This is my LAST baby… I feel like I am allowed to hold onto these milestones TIGHTLY. I mean look; even Franklin didn’t like it… 😉


Thankfully, it grew back and is sticking straight up again. It keeps him looking like a baby, and that is just how I like him looking.

Franklin is talking up a storm. He says two-word sentences… actually they’re more like demands. HE IS DEMANDING! We are trying to work on manners…

But some things he is saying are ” Bye Sissy!”- as Gwyn leaves for school in the morning. “Mimi Mouse” for Mickey Mouse, “Milk,” “Sorry,” “Wuv You,” “Shoes,” “Ni Night,” “Mo” for milk, “Pita” for pizza, he calls Cal “Bubbas,” says “Sissy,” “Bubbles,” “owside” for outside, “Bebe” is his blankie, “Tomp” for stomp, “sowee” for sorry, “yummy!,” when something is good, and yeah, you get the idea. He just talks and talks. It’s SO fun!



His favorite foods include peanut butter and jelly, all fruits, green beans, corn-on-the-cob, turkey dogs, waffles, granola bars, chicken, Gerber baby puffs, and unfortunately, he loves all sorts of dairy, but it doesn’t love him.



Ever since he stopped nursing, his poo has been diarrhea-like. It’s horrible! So I currently have him drinking coconut milk after trying almond for a long time with no change. We also cut out all other dairy as well with no change, and our pediatrician says it can be normal… so we are just riding it out.


He’s wearing size 2t clothing, size 5 shoe and size 5 diapers, but I am thinking it may be time to put him in a 6.



He LOVES being outside. He would stay out all day if he could. He also LOVES baths and if you tell him it is bath time he starts trying to strip down and runs toward the bath. His other favorites are bubbles, playing with dinosaurs or anything else that can he can say “RAWR” to, running through the sprinklers, playing with cars and knocking down any sort of tower. Oh. Dangit. And this one is a big one. He is OBSESSED with dogs. More than any other kid I have seen. He calls dogs “Vuh Vuhs” (Not sure why) and any time he sees one he HAS to go pet it. And cries when it’s time to leave the Vuh Vuh alone. My family is putting MAJOR pressure on me to get a dog. But you guys, I am just not ready for one! Ugh! He’s also obsessed shoes and wants to put shoes on all day. If you tell him to go get his shoes, he will find the matching pair in a bin of shoes and bring them to you. It’s quite convenient!




His nicknames include Franko, Frankerburger, Frankie Doodle, Frankie Baby, Frankie Mo, Kranklin (when he’s being cranky) and Frankie.



His hair is the BEST!



Just to compare size, since I’m over here all emotional…



6 months


1 year


18 months- and he looks GIGANTIC!


That’s about it for today. As always, thanks so much for following along and for caring enough to keep tabs on this cute little babe!


  1. Omg he’s an absolute cutie! Such a beautiful family!

  2. He is solo adorable! Happy 18 month birthday baby Franklin!

  3. He is SO cute!! HBD to your sweet boy!!

  4. Bless him! Loved reading through all the milestones. You’re right you’re alloweded to hold on to them for as long as you can!

    Love always,


  5. Wow he is sooo cute and how amazing to have this post to look back on as he grows up. I loved the story about the haircut… I could definitely understand how you’d feel about that. Poor hubby haha he probably felt so bad! (: Franklin has great taste in food! I hope his tummy issues get sorted soon. Such a cute post with great photos!

    • Thanks so much, Allie! Awww he really did feel terrible! And then I felt terrible for making him feel terrible! Viscious cycle… :) Thank you for the kind words!

  6. Such a cutie! He’s got an adorable head of hair, looks like he got your hair! I’m glad he’s so loved :)

  7. Haha! Your little baby is sooooo cute!! As, your other kids! Such a beautiful family! I wish you all the best!


  8. Such a cutie! He’s growing so much and I love that you’re documenting the journey. His little dinosaur tail was adorable

  9. So adorable! Enjoy him as they grow up too quickly! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Aww this just made me smile! Franklin is growing up so fast, but its beautiful youre keeping record of his milestones.

  11. Franko is a very cool name, your daughter is so cute while handling him, you had such a beautiful family but, you are beautiful too

  12. WHAT A CUTE little patooootttt!!!
    This reminds me – my sister’s daughter turns 2 this year…. In about 8 days!

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