Sweet Gwyneth is Seven

Our first born, our only girl, our true delight. She is seven today.

It kind-of kills me inside a little bit.  Doesn’t seven sound old to you? I remember when I fist became a mom and hearing of other parents who had seven-year-olds and thinking, “that’s an old kid!”

And now we have one.

This babe not only made me a mother, but she was born on Mother’s Day seven years ago, blessing me with the best gift imaginable.

But she didn’t come easy! If you look closely, you can see the broken blood vessels all over my face. And if curious, you can read her birth story HERE and watch her birth video HERE. I still cry!

We were enamored with this little baby, dressing her up in all sorts of cute/silly outfits.


And even at a year and a half, she was confused for a boy because of her lack of hair. So I ALWAYS had some sort of bow or hat on her.


But at two… the hair started to emerge a little bit, and this is when she became a big sister. About a month before her second birthday.


I’ve always enjoyed her silly sense of humor and how it takes a lot for me to embarrass her. And at three, she’d join right in on my silliness.


At four, I loved how one minute she’d be dolled up in a dress, but take a closer look at her scuffed up, dirty knees and you knew she was playing rough an hour earlier.


At five I felt like she really started to mature and grow up. She was forming into more of a little lady. The toddler in her was almost gone.


At six, she became a big sister again and has immersed herself in her role as the eldest. She is going to be a fantastic mother someday.

image1 copy

Gosh, and here she is at seven. Smart. Witty. A jokester. One who still likes to dress up and one who still has scuffed knees. One who somehow manages to get a hole in EVERY single pair of pants. One who truly enjoys taking care of others. Such a kind-hearted, creative and beautiful little girl. And my goodness, one of the most loyal people I have ever known.


Sweet Gwyneth; happy birthday, little lady. You truly make us incredibly proud parents.



  1. Happy birthday to her, she is the cutest! How fun is it that she was born on Mother’s Day?

  2. Awe she is so beautiful! Happy Birthday to her!!

  3. Kelly Reci says:

    happiest birthday pretty gwyneth! you’ve grown into a very lovely girl!

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