THE Statement Piece of Our Home- By Morgan’s Wood


A few months back I saw a chandelier online and I fell in love. But, I definitely didn’t fall in love with the price tag. In fact, it made me feel a little ill because I liked it so much. Don’t you hate it when that happens!?

I decided not to let that stop me, though. Instead, I took to Craigslist and put out an ad in search of a welder. I received tons of responses, but none that I felt 100% comfortable with until I received a response from Morgan of Morgan’s Wood. He and his son run a woodworking and welding shop near the Spokane area and were ready and willing to take on my project of re-creating my dream chandelier.


And in no time, we were creating! Being that this chandelier was being custom made, I was able to choose the size to fit my space. With super tall ceilings, I wanted it to be big enough to fill that space while not being overpowering, either.

image1 copy

I did my best to estimate the size of our ceiling fan as a starting point and then tried making my own ring on our floor to give me a visual. image5

I also needed to decide on the height and angle of the bars that attach from the ring to the mount, and luckily I have a patient husband who is willing to hold pieces of yarn while I made these decisions!


Working with Morgan’s Wood while creating this chandelier was nothing short of amazing. Morgan sent me photos along the way and we worked together in coming up with the design. And when I didn’t understand how something worked, he sent me hand-drawn sketches to explain it. Truly, a dream to work with!




And when ready, Morgan delivered it to my house!

Luckily, I have a handy husband who has a handy friend, and together they installed this thing. Surprisingly, it isn’t much heavier than our ceiling fan.

image1 image2 image3








And the end result…


Perfection. I am SO incredibly happy with this chandelier. It fills our space perfectly and is truly a show-stopper. One of the best parts? It didn’t cost nearly what it does online.


We bought LED bulbs and put them on a dimmer so that we can enjoy all types of lighting depending on the day.  This is how I like it early morning and in the evening.




And at night…


Or turned up all the way and the room becomes super bright.

image3 copy

Morgan’s Wood strives for customer satisfaction and will ensure every customer leaves a happy one. He listened to my ideas and shared his own, and the end result was exactly as I had hoped for.

If you’d like to check out more from Morgan’s Wood, go to their Facebook page HERE. And if you’d like to contact them to purchase or to talk over your own ideas, call 208-290-3398 or at their shop at 208-267-8359.

And coming soon,

Also, if you’re liking the same chandelier that I have, they are ready to make more! AND ladies and gentlemen, they ship! That’s right, you do not need to live in the area to order from Morgan’s Wood.

So, if you ever see or come up with something you just adore but don’t have the means to make it happen right away, don’t give up! My theory is that there’s always a way! :)


Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Very pretty! I love working with a company vs. just buying a ready piece, it feels so much more personal.

  2. Saw this through fb. SO beautiful! Love your design.

  3. Wow it’s absolutely stunning!

  4. This is so amazing! What a great idea! Now I want one for my house so bad!!

  5. So first off, your house is BEAUTIFUL. I love all the bright white and how welcoming it is. Secondly, that chandelier is so so cool. It’s different from any chandelier I’ve ever seen, and I like that!

  6. Certainly is a statement! My parents just found a vintage steel wheel that they will be transforming like this too :) So fun to add your own touch to your home!

  7. Wow…what a gorgeous piece! It’s the perfect piece for your space. So much prettier than traditional overhead lighting.

  8. It is absolutely stunning!! You have such a beautiful home!

  9. Wow! That is absolutely beautiful! It fits your space perfectly!

  10. How beautiful! I definitely want one of these in my future home.

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