My Top 5 Beauty Faves

On most days, my self-routine doesn’t include many steps or products. My days are pretty predictable and we are usually on-the-go, so in order for me to look somewhat put together, I need things that are simple and time-savvy.

So, today I thought I would share my top five beauty faves!

Lipsense- lip color

I am new to the Lipsense world and was recently introduced to it by my friend, Kelly.  This stuff is all about long-lasting color that will NOT smudge. No color coming off on your teeth or glass. It just won’t happen! I’m not much of a bold color-wearing girl myself (wish I could pull it off) but I do love a good neutral color. Kelly introduced me to the perfect neutral with a nice hint of pink, which makes me feel like I am a little more put-together.

image1 (28) copyPlus, once I put it on after the gym I am good to go! Because it works so well, once it’s on, it’s on, unless you use the Oops Remover which will help you to change colors or remove. With time, it will wear off ( don’t you fret) but it is waterproof and smudge-proof, so it’s perfect for those upcoming summer swim days. I also tried Bombshell, which has a bit of a peachy tint, and I think it looks fabulous on anyone with any sort of an olive tone or on someone with a tan. I can’t wait for summer!

If interested in giving this a try, contact my sweet friend, Kelly, HERE. AND, if you join Kelly HERE and HERE, you get 10% off your first order! PLUS, 100% of the proceeds are being donated to a family adopting a little girl in China with the needs of Down Syndrome.  I just love that!

She will get you hooked up and be able to answer any questions. Plus, with a 100% money-back guarantee, there’s nothing to lose!

Wearing Kiss Me Katie




 Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

I cannot stand the feeling of makeup caked on my face but do appreciate a good tinted moisturizer that evens things out a bit, but still feels light. My friend, Amber, recommended Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer, and I am a fan! I’ve been using the Oil Free version for a while now and really like how it looks.

Lash Boostfor lashes and brows 

My lashes were pretty much non-existent before I started using Lash Boost. I’m talking little lash nubs. A complete skeptic, I waited until I saw it working on others before I decided it was worth a try myself. Prior, I was considering trying lash extensions but since their cost was about the same,  I figured it couldn’t hurt to try this first. And by golly, the stuff actually really works. LOVE when that happens! I actually have long lashes now. It worked so well, that I bought another tube of the stuff and have started using it on my brows, too! And yes, I am starting to notice a difference! So that’s fun. Want to try it? Let me know.



Dry Shampoo I wash my hair about twice per week, and that’s with working out, so I need something to keep me from looking like a complete grease ball. I have been using Perfect Hair Day by Living Proof for a while now and like it, but my friend, Jeri, recently recommended Detox by Drybar, so I ordered a bottle and am excited to try it out!

Lululemon Leggings –  I am usually a TJMaxx leggings girl, that is until I went shopping with some girlfriends and tried on the All the Right Places leggings by Lululemon. Girls. These are THE leggings that will leave you feeling 10 pounds lighter. They are SO flattering, feel so incredibly smooth, and can be worn high-waisted to tuck in the tummy, or rolled down if you prefer that feel/look. These can be worn with a tunic or to workout in. And, they have two super handy side pockets that I can slide my phone into when needed, too. They’re fab!



And there you have it! With these five tips, my face, hair, and wardrobe are pretty much covered daily!


  1. I’m still search for the perfect dry shampoo!

  2. I keep hearing about some new Lulu leggings that are “like butter,” I wonder if those are the ones? I haven’t splurged on any lulu lately, but it may be time again. 😉

    • I think these are the ones, Katie! THEY ARE LIKE BUTTER! I rarely splurge on Lulu, but these just HAD to come home with me.

  3. That lipsticks sounds awesome! I love the idea of smudge proof and water proof… will have to give it a try!!

  4. I’ve heard a range of reviews about LipSense but have yet to make the leap. Love your color! :]


  5. Your lashes look amazing! Totally going to try that out.

    Lee Anne

  6. Yes to dry shampoo!! Absolutely love it!

  7. Great picks! I love anything that makes my lashes look longer!

    Molly and Stacie

  8. Your leggings and lashes look wonderful! I’ve been looking up swatches for LipSense recently, I’ve got friends who are mega into it. I think I may order some soon!

  9. Your favorites are my favorites, lol. Your lashes look ahhhmazing! I’ve been using revitalash and i’m so happy with how long and full my lashes are.

  10. I love those leggings! Lululemon has always been my go-to for leggings :)

    xx nicole

  11. What brand of lash boost do you use?? I think I may have to try some out! I loooooove lipsense too!

  12. These are great choices! I use lipsense as well I love it! Thanks for sharing.
    Julie *

  13. I’ve recently tried LipSense and it’s amazing! Love the shade that you have on! It’s so perfect for spring! Also that Lash Boost looks like a must try!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  14. I keep hearing about that Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer…maybe I need to try it! Already a big fan of the Living Proof dry shampoo…my fave! Thanks for sharing your top 5!!!

  15. i think i need to try every one of these! :) great selections!

  16. I live in my lululemon leggins! The align pant is my favorite! Great picks!

  17. I love the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer too! Her radiance primer is really great as well :)

  18. the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is so good! I love that for Summer when it’s too hot for a full face of foundation.

    Ellie |

  19. Umm OK, I am DEFINITELY buying that lash boost! Your lashes look ah-mazing girl! And I’ve been hearing so much about Lipsense, I think I’m gonna have to give it a try!

  20. Kelsey says:

    Great picks, and I’m loving your shirt. Any details?

  21. Gotta have a good pair of leggings to get you through the day! Haven’t heard of some of these products so will check them out!

  22. These are great tips. I heard about lipsense but just never tried it. I might check this out.

  23. Great choices. I like that you mixed it up and it was not all makeup.

  24. I love the idea of a lipstick that’s not only long-lasting but won’t smudge! The beautiful neutral color you’re wearing is perfect for day and night. Thank you so much for the introduction to Lash Boost! I’ve been thinking about trying out the fake eyelash trend, but if this product can produce gorgeous lashes like your photos show, then that’s a much preferable solution for me too. :-)

  25. I ordered Lipsense for my wedding and it was the best decision I made. I am so obsessed with the quality of the product!

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