Calling All Disney Enthusiasts!

I have nothing but fond memories of going to Disneyland as a child, and even as a teenager. As I think most might agree, there is just something SO magical about that place that just leaves everyone with a perma-smile.


And an empty wallet. :)

We are taking our two oldest for the first time in a few weeks and I cannot even describe how excited I am. But it’s a SURPRISE! So… SHHHHH…. Don’t mention it if you know them. :) It’s been all about the baby for a while now, so I am really looking forward to spending some quality time with these two.


I am reaching out today in hopes I may gain some insight and tips from all of you Disneyland enthusiasts out there! It’s been YEARS since I’ve been.

What are your best tips for Disneyland with kids? (Mine will be 5 and 7 when there.) Where are your favorite places to eat? Favorite treats? Favorite rides? Must-do activities? Items to purchase ahead of time?Things to bring? Favorite memories? Things to avoid?

ANYTHING! And EVERYTHING! I want to hear it all.

And of course, once we return I will give a full recap with my own tips and tricks. Please leave all suggestions and tips in the comments so we can all refer back when needed.

Thank you!



  1. Pack their daily outfits in labeled (Mon/Tues) gallon bags. I shopped target clearance ahead of time so every day my kids wore something new/Disney. They LOVED this and I loved saving money on souvenirs ($3 Target t-shirts and hats etc YES please!). Also, if you’re thirsty and you want good cold water go to Starbucks in California adventure land. It’s free and get a coffee while you’re there. Much cheaper than buying a water from thr kiosks. BRING A PORTABLE PHONE CHARGER, rent the double stroller, and stay somewhere with free breakfast. Then grab some extra bagels and apples and load up fruit loops in the travel coffee cups and use those for a midmorning snack. And get the Disney App for wait times and character appearances. Have Fun!!!

    • Angela! What fabulous tips! I will definitely pack their clothes in the gallon bags, and I have done just what you suggested and found discounted Disney gear! GENIUS idea about the protable phone charger! ON IT! Our hotel has free breakfast… check! Do you think renting a double is more convenient than bringing a double? Love your fruit loop/coffee cup idea! Haha! Genius! THANK YOU!

  2. Jeannette Ring says:

    Buy Disney shirts ahead of time and “surprise” them with new shirts when you get there. They won’t care that you didn’t buy them at the park and pay 3x as much!

    Pack in snacks and dish them out while you’re waiting in the lines. Hungry kids whine more so never let them get hungry! Speaking of: they sell beer at California Adventure and you can drink it in line. Stay in line at Toy Story Mania with the kids and send JD to get you guys a cold one. Then let him cut in, people do it all the time.

    When you start to get tired in the afternoon head over to California Adventure and watch a show or 2. The theaters are air conditioned and sometimes just sitting a pausing for an hour is all the recharge you need to last through the rest of the day.

    Have so much fun! Disney is like our FAVORITE place to go with the fam!

    • Jeanette! Love your insider tips! J.D. and I especially appreciate the beer one! Haha! I’ve got my Disney shirts all ready to go as of today… I am SO PUMPED!!!

  3. I haven’t been to Disneyland for a while and I don’t have children so I can’t personally help. But I do watch the Melea Show and she has this great How to Get FREE Stuff at Disneyland! (22 DISNEYLAND FREEBIES!) video that’s perfect for families going to disneyland. Here’s the link:

  4. Danielle Huston says:

    #1. When we went in October, my kids (14, 12, 9, & 7), husband’s, & my FAVORITE thing was the pin trading! Get on Ebay and by pins for WAY cheaper then in the park. Make them a lanyard, with a ziplock-like badge holder for your passes (you need your passes to put in the kiosk to get fast passes for the bigger rides with longer lines), and then pin your pins to them. I seriously bought enough that all 6 of us had over 20 a piece (some we didn’t want to trade, we kept), and that wasn’t quite enough for our three day trip. At the end of each day we’d come back to the hotel and take off the ones we wanted to keep that we got from the day, and put more on that we wanted to trade. We got really good at knowing which stores had pin boards to trade with or where staff members that had pins were, and would visit them several times a day!

    #2 Take advantage of fast passes!!! Even if rides aren’t “that long”. They will be even shorter with a fast pass. Get one, do the rides around that ride until it’s time for a fast pass. Then after you ride the ride that you had a fast pass for, go get another one, and repeat!

    #3 You are so stinkin’ crafty also, make matchy shirts or fun Disney shirts a head of time to wear. Then they double as souvenirs that you got to wear in the park!

    #4 Buy the PhotoPass+!!!!! 101% worth it!!! It gives you all the Park ride photos (Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, if you go to Cali Adventure the Cars, Tower of Terror if it’s still open, California Screamin’, because all those are like $30 a piece!!!!), and then ANY PhotoPass+ person around the park can take your picture with their nice high quality camera in great photo opp spots with ALL of you in the photo!!! And be sure to seek them out!!! Especially around Aurora’s castle. With my parents and sister they even photo shopped in Tinkerbell to their hands that were held out while standing in front of the castle!! Also, any character’s pictures are included in that! Then you can download them all for FREE to use how ever you want!!! AND if you download their Disney Park app (DO IT), you can see the photos shortly after they are taken!

    #5 Download the Disney Park app!!! It tells you where the characters will be when they appear, times for ride waits, where bathrooms are, where shops & eating is, and then just a map in general until you get the feel of it! The only downside is it requires internet connection, and there is no free wifi, so you have to use your data. Just be aware!

    At most of the shops, you can get an event button. Especially for the kids’ “First Visit”, it’s another fun souvenir!

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