We All Have a Story

Have you ever looked at someone from the outside and thought about how it seems they’ve got it all?

I’ve caught myself doing that on occasion.

Pondering thoughts about how their children appear to be angels. How their marriages look flawless. How their upbringing must have been unforgettable.

How they must eat healthy, home-cooked meals nightly.

How their home is flawlessly kept.

How fun just engulfs their lives.

But I try to remind myself that this is seldom the case. In fact, I bet extremely rare.

Because I truly believe that everyone has a story.

Everyone has their “something.” Something that causes or has caused pain, worry, distress or hurt.

Maybe someone is having problems with infertility. Maybe there is abuse in the home. Maybe someone was hurt as a child. Or depressed. Or lonely. Or they lost a dear friend. Or had some sort of disorder at some point in their life. Maybe someone was at one point bankrupt, angry, or lost.

What we see on TV, the internet, social media, or blogs isn’t always the whole story.

It doesn’t show or tell you everything about a person.

It’s just a mere glimpse.

And maybe sometimes that is for the best. Not everything needs to be aired to the world.

But to the onlookers, remember…

Remember that the celebrity with the perfect figure, the neighbor with the perma-smile, the friend with the perfectly behaved children, or whoever it may be; they too have a story.

We all do.

This week is the 25th anniversary of the day my life was forever changed. A day that turned our family upside down. A day not many know about.

Maybe someday I will work up the courage to share my story.

One of many.

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  1. We certainly all have our $hit, don’t we?


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