Cal’s 5th Dinosaur Birthday

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Today is our sweet, sweet boy’s 5th birthday! As much as I enjoy watching the little man he is turning into, I really just want to hold on to these younger years while I can. Over the weekend we celebrated this little boy with a dinosaur birthday party. There were intentional messes made, explosions, and squeals galore.   Below are the detail including all sources. :)

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The bright and colorful party area. Calvin is obsessed with donosaurs, so when my husband came across these dino tails, he insisted that we have them and boy, was he right. These boys LOVED swinging their tails around at one another! Dino tails found HERE



When I randomly came across these dino hats at the Dollar Store, I knew they would accompany the tails perfectly.  Hats can also be found at HERE 


I love making treats for parties as they double as decor! Dino feet cookies are Nutter Butters dipped in green chocolate (found at Walmart, Michaels and Joannes) topped with cashew claws. image2

Dino Bones are pretzel sticks and mini mallows and are then dipped in white chocolate.



The kiddos helped me make these mini party hats for Cal’s dinosaurs which made for some cheap, yet incredibly, cute decorations. Free mini party hat template found HERE 





I intended to line the walkway leading up to our door outside with these raptor feet cutouts, but due to the rain, I ended up taping them to the windows and walls, which I actually ended up really liking. Free raptor footprint printable found HERE


I just couldn’t resist this banner….Raptor birthday banner found HERE

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The tablecloths, plates, napkins, utensils and dino hats were all found at the Dollar Store.


And for the mini dinos… 😉



When the guests arrived, they each received a dinosaur egg (tutorial HERE) which contained a prize inside (mini dinosaurs- pack of 8 from the dollar store). They took their egg and excavation tool (golf tee) and went outside to dig the prize out in a kiddie pool to contain the mess.  (Hint- buy the baking soda from Costco, the whole bag will make about 15-17 eggs.) If you want to make them a little harder, bake them at 350 for 30 minutes.


Working hard! And I just love those little tails! I realize my days where these kiddos will willingly dress-up are numbered, so I was super pleased to see them enjoying them so much.
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The kiddos then went on a dinosaur egg hunt- printable found HERE. Tip- definitely use bags with handles AND write each kiddos’ name on the bag. Both of these came in super handy for carrying the eggs and identifying whose bag was whose.


It was pretty hard to snap a picture of these cuties with all of the excitement before the egg hunt, but I got them all looking… except for mine!

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And there they go!

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After opening their eggs from the hunt, we went into the garage to do some volcano experiments. (Volcano paper mache tutorial HERE. This was a great project the kids and I did together.)


I did the typical baking soda, vinegar, dish soap experiment… which while cool, did not even come close to what my husband did next. Thank goodness I went first!

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The next experiments blew their little minds.

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Who knew Mentos and Diet Coke could do this? Tutorial HERE.

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And while I wasn’t able to capture a photo of the next experiment, my husband put some Mentos in a full Diet Coke bottle and sealed it up. After tipping back and forth for about a minute, he then tossed it in the air and once it hit the ground it shot all the way over our house!

Seeing these little boys SO excited over these experiments just put the biggest smiles on our faces!


One happy little boy.



We quickly realized it’s pretty scary being anywhere near a blindfolded five-year-old with a bat! The dino pinata was found at Target, but I can’t find it online. Other similar ones found HERE.

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We are so proud of this funny, inquisitive, sensitive, caring, brave, and slightly clumsy little boy. He keeps us laughing every day! Happy birthday, Sweet Boy, Cal Pal, Calboy, Calvinator, Calvie, Cal Cal!

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Super cute dino chomper shirt found HERE. (Thanks, Grandma!)

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  1. Aimee May Jones says:

    Great party! Love those little tails!!

  2. So fun! Those boys sure had a blast.

  3. Bernadette Wilkinson says:

    Those tails are so fun! And the masks too. How hard were those eggs to break open? Could a three year old do it?

    • The ones that were baked were definitely harder, and I would recommend those for older kids. For a three-year-old, the sooner he/she can dig into it, I’d say the better. They harden with time.

  4. Macey Williams says:

    Cute!! Great job!!

  5. This is so stinkin cute! My little one just had her first birthday and I wish I had this much time to have put into that. I bet your little man was so excited and he will remember this for the rest of his life!

  6. This is absolutely adorable! What a fun party and some fantastic ideas! Love the eggs and the volcano!

  7. So adorable! Loving that clock on your mantle!

  8. Exactly the type of stuff I have been looking for for my nephews dinosaur birthday ty

  9. That’s a cute dinosaur party! 😀 Hope you all had a great time :)


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