The Cutest Headphones You Ever Did See: CozyPhones Review


During Christmas, I was on the hunt for headphones for our kiddos. We had purchased some from Target a few months earlier, but they just didn’t last, and one of our kiddos couldn’t get them to stay on his head.

So, I was on the hunt and googling around trying to find some our kiddos would like. Gwyn has really been into listening to music lately, and I am not always wanting to listen to it, too! And, Gwyn and Cal have been coming to our volleyball games as well, and we allow them to each bring an electronic, like a gaming device or Ipad, but they must also have headphones as to not disturb others around them.

So when I came across Cozy Phones I knew I had to try them out. They appeared to meet our every need while easily being the cutest headphones I have ever seen. Plus, the reviews are excellent.

We have been using these for three weeks now, and I have got to say, I am impressed!

What we love:

*They don’t go in their ears. I love that my kids wear these and can still hear what is going on around them. Mainly, me!

*They are washable. I like that the earphones can be removed and I can wash them when needed.

*The cord is braided and durable, and will not tangle or kink! HALLELUJAH!

*They’re cozy! I like seeing my kids being able to lounge around or against something while wearing these, which they previously couldn’t do with other kinds.

*They are so stinkin’ cute! The kids receive compliments on them whenever they’re worn outside of the home.

*They offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t like them, you will get your money back.

What we’d alter:

*The only thing I will say that I would change is that occasionally my youngest (4) can’t get them on himself. Because they are adjustable and you can change where the actual ear pieces sit, if they get messed up he needs help re-adjusting them to fit his ears. But, once set, he’s good to go and can put them on himself.



My daughter LOVES this unicorn design.



And these monster Cozy Phones are just SO cute and are perfect for my son. He too loves the look and feel of these and they make it very comfortable for him to take a break and play on the iPad or watch a show.



image1 (28) copy

And of course, once baby saw them he too insisted on wearing them. So if you were wondering, yes! They do fit smaller head sizes.




And, they’re not just for kids! Cozy Phones makes these for adults, too. I think these would be perfect for me as ear buds DO NOT stay in my ears. It’s so annoying! Plus, my ears get cold when I jog outside in these colder months, so I am thinking I need a pair, too!

And man! Where were these when I was pregnant?! So many times I tried falling asleep with my traditional headphones only to not be able to sleep comfortably, or at all, while trying to listen to soothing music in preparation for child birth.

Pretty sure these would have been a game changer!


Browse their website HERE for some of the cutest and most practical headphones around!


  1. Uhm… I kind of want unicorn headphones for myself. How cute are these?!

  2. Why had no one thought of this before?! I LOVE this idea, and your kids are adorable. I would have been all over that unicorn one when I was little.

  3. These are really cute! I’d love some unicorn ones as well

  4. Is it wrong that I want these for myself?

  5. What a great idea! Plus, they are so cute!! 😀

  6. These are AWESOME. I totally love them. I need a pair for me!

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