My Worst Baking Fail to Date- #Pinterestfail #Nailedit

We all do it. Start scrolling through Pinterest until something catches our eye we deem doable. Then we gather all of the supplies to create whatever it is we are doing. And with high hopes, we anticipate the end result to look exactly like the photo.

This post is from a couple of years ago and is my worst baking fail…. ever. And since we are in the midst of all of that holiday baking, Pinterest perusing and creating, I thought I would share this once again so that you will feel better about yourself if yours, too, doesn’t turn out. Or, just for a good laugh.


Last week I was prepping for the first annual Holiday Scarf Exchange party I was hosting at our house when I had one of my worst baking fails to date.

I saw these insanely cute Edible Spoons on Pinterest and decided to give them a go.


Cute, right?!

I SWEAR I followed the directions perfectly.

I know I did.

And you know what I ended up with?



Wiener cookies.

And as soon as The Hubby walked into the kitchen to see what I was doing and saw my latest creation, he about lost it, making me lose it, and thus, the Wiener Cookie Races were born.



Aaaaaaaaaaand they’re off!!

And we died.

I still laugh when I see these pictures!

Check back this week to see the details from the party and what I ended up serving.

As for now, we are off to start our travels for the holidays!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. One Christmas cookie failure is a bachelorette party win.

  2. Those are awesome!!!! lol I’ve had plenty of pinterest fails…I don’t know how some of those people make things. They seem easy, but they really are hard.

  3. Hilarious!!! Love this! ❤

  4. This made me laugh! Thanks for sharing. I recently bought a pattern to make a messenger bag. Before I could buy the supplies for it, I psyched myself out thinking of all the ways it could wrong. I realized it would never look the way it did on Etsy and I gave up before I started. That’s a fail.

  5. Glad to see someone else has Pinterest fails too! lol

  6. This is more in line for a bachelorette party! I just showed this to my entire coworking group at the Library because I could NOT stop laughing! Thank you for making my day!!! -Wendie

  7. Lol that’s so funny!! I actually think they do look fairly similar to the original pic though… 😉

  8. Awww, they still look delicious!!! xoxo

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