My Life-changing Experience Shopping at Walmart

Ten years ago, grocery shopping looked pretty simple. I’d peruse the aisles at my leisure without much of  a list in-hand. In fact, what did I even eat in college? Did I cook meals? Or was it a lot of eating out? I don’t even know what I ate. Anyway, my grocery shopping days were leisurely acts I did when needed and without any pressure or rush.

Six years ago, grocery shopping looked hectic. There I was, very specific list in-hand so there was no back-tracking, rushing up and down those aisles before my baby either woke up or started crying. And as soon as my baby did wake up and start crying, I either ran down each aisle trying to finish before my baby lost it, or I just left sans groceries. Oh! Or, I tried the nurse-the-baby-with-one- hand- and-push the-cart-with-the other-hand move. Tricky.

Four years ago, grocery shopping looked like boot camp with my toddler and baby. “Alright crew, in that car! We are on a mission! Only twenty more minutes! No, you cannot have a sucker! Stay in that cart! No, you cannot have a toy! Sit down, please! Hurry, please, the baby is about to wake up! Don’t touch that!….”


Three years ago, grocery shopping became a chore we ate lunch during as I started packing my kids’ lunches to distract them long enough for me to once again race through that store without having to open every single thing I put into the cart for them to snack on. But once that lunch was finished…. And don’t even get me started on where to even put the groceries with kids taking up all the space in the cart.

And now, present day, I have three kiddos and grocery shopping looks like a breeze. It has become one of my easiest chores and I don’t mind doing it one single bit! My kids are well-behaved, there is no rushing, and I don’t buy a single item that isn’t on my list.

I know it. Pick that jaw up off the ground and hear me out.

I started grocery shopping at Walmart using their FREE grocery pick-up.

AND IT IS LIFE-CHANGING. So life-changing I just want to curse. F*** yeah!

Here’s how I do it:

Sunday night, I sit down in front of the television with my favorite beverage, open my laptop and start grocery shopping. Walmart has made their site SO easy to navigate and will bring up every option related to your search. I’ve even found other brands that are less expensive that I wasn’t previously aware of that are now my go-to’s. AND, you’re not limited to food items, either. They sell many of their other items as well!



I fill up my cart, and then to the right of the screen it says, “Book a time for your order,” and click on “Book Now.” On the next screen, I choose my store location and then get to choose the best day and time for me to pick them up, starting the very next day. So for me, I choose the 11:00-12:00 time slot since Cal’s school is done at 11:30 and is nearby.


Next, I pay for my groceries and am done for the night. But, if I forgot something and need to add it to my list, I can still do that up until a certain point, which I have done!  The next day, I check my e-mail before leaving the house and sure enough, there is an e-mail telling my groceries are ready.  Franklin and I then pick Cal up, and then I check in with the Walmart Groceries app before heading to the store. This allows the employee who is in charge of my groceries to know exactly when I will be there so he/she knows when to bring my groceries out.

I follow the nicely labeled signs pointing me in the direction I need to go around to the side of the store, and there I find several numbered parking spaces. If I checked in with the app, within seconds, an employee is walking out the door with my groceries. It really is quite impressive! If I didn’t check in with the app, the phone number to call is on a sign in front of the parking space for me to call and let them know I am there.


Then, the employee approaches my car and lets me know if there were any substitutions with my order if something I had purchased was no longer available. Sometimes everything is picked as ordered, and sometimes there are substitutions. One time, they were out of the “off” brand of the item I chose, so they gave me the name brand at the same price! WIN! And one time, the substitution chosen wasn’t what I needed (It was for a recipe) so they just took that item off right then and there with their machine.



I then sign my receipt saying that I picked my groceries up, and then the employee loads them up into my trunk.



AND, the first time, they give you a little goody bag, which my son loved as there was a snack in there for him, and other times the employee has given Cal some stickers.


EXCELLENT customer service. (Thank you, Rodney! You’ve been great!) It is evident the employees are very excited about this new program and are striving for excellence because I have received nothing short of just that.

Then, I drive my happy ass back home with three happy humans in the car, which used to be a rarity when all shopping together.

One thing I will say is that I have yet to have them pick out my produce or meat. I am a Costco shopper for those items usually, but just by the customer service I have already received, I am certain they would do their very best, and you can inspect anything you want before signing.

I have used this service every Monday for the past month and wanted to really get a feel for this service before writing a review, and I can now confidently say that I give this an A++!

If you are interested in giving this service a try (YOU WILL LOVE IT) Use THIS CODE and you will get $10 off of your first order, and I too will receive $10. WIN. WIN.

Just so you know, I was in no way asked to write a review about this service. I am just so impressed and had to share! Let me know what you think!


  1. I have to say… that’s pretty impressive. I’ve noticed some big stores (like CVS) start to do something similar but not with the load into the car functionality–talk about convenience! And it’s incredible that you can do all of this from the comfort of your home and then take the kids for a fun, STRESS-FREE outing. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. My partner teacher uses Walmart Pick-Up and loves it! I’ve heard sooo many moms raving about it, and I love that Walmart has started this service. I know my mom would have LOVED this when she had 6 kids to deal with while grocery shopping!

  3. I absolutely hate Walmart. I quit shopping there a few years ago because everyone seems like they are always so mad. The employees and the customers. So I just decided to be done with Walmart. Now my husband recently took over the grocery shopping and he has started going back to Walmart because some stuff is cheaper there than at Winn-Dixie. But he has not tried out there new order online system. It just recently came to our Walmart and from what I have seen from some friends they are still working out some issues with it. Maybe we will try it one day!!

    • Sheena-a few years back when we lived in a smaller town, they recently built a Walmart and I feel weird saying this, but it was deluxe. Super clean, a more modern look, etc. So, I got spoiled by it! And then a couple of years ago we moved to a bigger city and YUCK! That is where my Walmart shopping ended. And then they started this grocery pick-up service here and they are REALLY trying to turn things around because they truly care about how they’re doing and are trying to make the most out of this service. It has been a dream!

  4. Unfortunately I just checked and this service isn’t at any Wal Marts in my area yet. You have made it sound so appealing though, so I hope they do soon. I have also heard Hy-Vee offers this service. I might have to give it a try!

  5. Why don’t more people talk about this? Maybe if they advertised this service they could get some good publicity for once. Instead, they have a website dedicated to the crazy people that go there…

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